______________  Advisory Council ______________

The KCIA Advisory Council is comprised of members who provide advice and counsel to the KCIA Board of Directors and Officers. Following is a list of the Council members:


James Autry
Jim Barthel

Sylvia Blair
Dr. Ivy Bonk

Craig Buroker

Jim Campbell
Al Caperna
Dr. Robert Doe

Mary Dorian
Dr. Berin Gilfillan
Dr. A.L. Gill
Mark Henderson
Dave Hodgson
Dr. Stan Jeffery
Dr. Erik Kudlis
Dr. Greg Linnebach

Candace Long
Gary Lovelace

Will Meier
Johan Van Nieuwenhuisen
Wilhelmien Van Nieuwenhuisen
Randy Patterson
Sally Patterson
Markus Rapp
Amb. Dr. Clyde Rivers
Jackie Seeno
Dr. Abraham Sekhar
Scott Shofner
Sher Valenzuela

Dr. Carl White Jr.