______KCIA Commissions and Committees_______


Purpose of Commissions & Committees



The KCIA Board would like to share a few words of explanation as to the purpose and function of KCIA Commissions, Committees & Teams.


First, we want to promote, encourage and/or facilitate member involvement, sharing, collaboration, networking, discussion, projects and an action/outcome orientation as often and as strongly as possible. Second, we want to make a difference and influence/impact culture and atmospheres wherever and whenever possible.


Thirdly, this is yet another vehicle and opportunity for our members to lead and to demonstrate and showcase their creativity, ingenuity, innovation, teamwork, leadership and resourcefulness, and to glorify God in the process. Fourthly, we know there is tremendous untapped, unharnessed and latent wisdom, wealth, revelation, strategy, experience, knowledge, power and generosity in KCIA, and we would be remiss and poor stewards not to leave the world and the Kingdom and Church better than we found it. Making a difference and being proactive are part of our mandate and assignment from heaven in KCIA, so we plan to take every opportunity and utilize every vehicle and vessel possible to do so. Here then is the list of KCIA Commissions, Committees & Teams, chairs and vice-chairs.


Board Committees


Community Transformation Committee


Dr. Doug Atha, Chair


John Anderson, Dr. Karl Bandlien, Dr. James Brewton, Dr. Bruce Cook, Danny Dean, Charlie Fisher, Wende Jones, Carlton Reed, Dr. Gary Sorensen, Dr. Ed Turose, Ruth Lum




Executive Committee


John Anderson, President


Dr. Bruce Cook, Chair; Dr. Doug Atha, Vice President; Wende Jones, Vice President; Dave Dormier, Treasurer; Ruth Lum, Secretary 






Financial Oversight Committee


Danny Dean, Charlie Fisher







Media & Marketing Committee

John Anderson & Dr. Bruce Cook, Co-Chairs


Wende Jones, Dr. Karl Bandlien, Ruth Lum, Dr. Bill Manduca



Membership Committee


Ruth Lum, Chair


John Anderson, Dr. Bruce Cook, Dr. Sharon Billins, Danny Dean, Dr. Bill Manduca, Dr. Doug Atha, Charlie Fisher, Dr. James Brewton




Member Commissions

Annual Assembly Team 


Wende Jones, Chair


John Anderson, Dr. Bruce Cook, Ruth Lum, Will Meier, Sylvia Blair, Dr. James Brewton, Mary Dorian, Sylvia Blair, Monte Richards, Kathlyn Weldon





Business & Entrepreneurship



Dr. Bill Manduca, Chair



Dr. Mark Kauffman, Dr. Ed Turose, Sher Valenzuela, Paul Nesbitt, Camy Arnett, John Luppo, Nicholas (Nick) Courchesne, Cory Gumienny, Tameaka Scott, Dave Hodgson, Dr. Sharon Billins, Purity Munyi, Johan van Nieuwenhuisen, Lynette Kemp, Charlie Fisher, Dr. Doug Atha, Marty McClendon, Dr. Gary Sorensen, Jim Barthel, Gary Lovelace, JoAn Risdon, Dr. Glories Powell, Lois Perry, Dr. Bob Doe, Walt Pilcher, Dr. Erik Kudlis, Cristian Voiades, Tabeth Sithole, John Hawley, Liz Hawley, Wende Jones, Jackie Seeno, Suzette Torti, Matthew Fleming, George Mkandawire, Dr. Greg Gerrie, Will Meier, Ruth Lum, Kathleen Kaplan, Marc Kaplan



Cultural & Social Reformation Commission


Dr. James Brewton, Chair       


Alexis Alexander, Ruth Lum, Dr. Cynthia Chess, Sher Valenzuela, Camy Arnett, BJ Arnett, Dr. Carl L. White Jr., Dr. Karl Bandlien, Dr. Clyde Rivers, Cynthia Newborne, Lorraine Thornhill, Purity Munyi, Dr. Abraham Sekhar, Beverly Jones, Adriann Tucker-Raynor, Dr. Glories Powell, Dr. Bruce Cook.



Education Commission

Dr. Doug Atha, Chair




Dr. Ed Turose, Walt Pilcher, Camy Arnett, Wilhelmien van Nieuwenhuisen, Dr. Elizabeth Hairston-McBurrows, Sally Patterson, Dr. Michelle Morrison






       Family, Marriage &

Relationships Commission


 Randy & Sally Patterson



Mark Henderson, Dr. Doug Atha, Alexis Alexander, Cynthia Newborne, Beverly Jones, Suzi Henderson, Tina McCrea.




Healthcare, Science & Technology Commission

Dr. Karl Bandlien  Dr. Gary Sorensen   Dr. Stan Jeffery



Dr. Bob Doe, Vice Chair; Wende Jones, John Anderson, Johan van Nieuwenhuisen, Jim Barthel, Dr. Carl L. White Jr., Alex McCaskill, Sylvia Blair, Will Meier, Dave Dormier, Monte Richards, James Wright, Dr. Bill Manduca, Dr. Erik Kudlis, George Mkandawire, Dalene Mmopi.




Missions Commission 


Dr. Berin Gilfillan Chair

Dr. A.L. Gill
Vice Chair



Mark Henderson, Dr. Doug Atha, Paul Nesbitt, Jenny Swanwick, Mary Dorian, Dr. Elizabeth Hairston-McBurrows, Dorothy Leachman, Dr. Abraham Sekhar, Purity Munyi, Dr. Glories Powell, Randy Patterson, Lloyd Phillips, James and Reena Sebastian, Greg Runyon, BJ Arnett, Dr. Mark Kauffman, JoAn Risdon, Alex McCaskill, John Pate, Charlie Fisher.





Project Administration                    Commission


 John Anderson, Chair


Al Caperna, Vice Chair; Gary Lovelace, Wende Jones, Alex McCaskill, Sher Valenzuela, George Mkandawire, Ruth Lum.







              Membership Team


                Ruth Lum, Chair



Wende Jones, Purity Munyi, Dr. Bruce Cook, John Anderson, Paul Nesbitt, Alexis Alexander, JoAn Risdon, Dr. James Brewton, Mary Dorian, Dorothy Leachman, Dalene Mmopi, Danny Dean, Greg Runyon, Caroline LaMotte, John Battershill, Will Meier, Walt Pilcher, Carol Pilcher, Dr. Doug Atha, BJ Arnett, Carlton Reed, Lloyd Phillips, Sylvia Blair, Lynn Hare.






KCIA Intercession Team 


Mark Henderson
Chair, KCIA Corporate Intercession

Ruth Lum
Chair, KCIA Member (Personal) Intercession


Dr. James Brewton, Alexis Alexander, John Anderson, Dr. A.L. (Papa) Gill, Ruth Lum, Jayne Ferriss, Paul Nesbitt, Wilhelmien van Nieuwenhuisen, Barbara Joan Rogers.




  KCIA Executive Intercession                         Team


   Dr. James Brewton, Chair


Ruth Lum, Alexis Alexander, Jayne Ferris, John Anderson, Paul Nesbitt, Danny Dean, Lynn Hare, Purity Munyi, Matthew Fleming.