____________Contract Intercession_____________


Client Benefits from Hiring KCIA’S Strategic, Professional Intercession Team:



 Team is hired to intercede to cover and address client’s specific issues, (i.e. family, business, ministry, contracts, assignments, etc.)


 Professional level apostolic intercessors are prophetically and apostolically trained to pray answers rather than requests using Holy Spirit impressions, dreams, visions, Scripture, and experiences.


 Professional level intercessors are skilled with spiritual weapons of warfare, have increased levels of spiritual access and gifting, function with governmental authority in the spirit realm to shift or sever negative circumstances and situations and relationships and mindsets, and identify and address underlying roots rather than just dealing with symptoms.


 Professional level intercessors automatically expect to see “measurable” and “demonstrable” results in short time periods.


 Clients experience major positive shifts in their current business ventures, including increases in their financial forecasts, upgrades with potential of new client base and greater expectations for future business ventures.


 Clients feel more confident knowing they have qualified teams of people regularly and systematically praying for strategic results rather than sporadic, nonstrategic, nonsystematic intercession.


 Clients receive weekly or bi-weekly written summaries of prayers that are being prayed by the entire team.


 Clients receive monthly or bi-monthly prophetic prayer calls with the entire team prophesying God’s word over their lives.


 Clients receive authentic dream interpretations as each team member submits a portion of what they received during prayer, then combining bringing together a completed puzzle.


 Clients receive dramatic and at times phenomenal breakthroughs that they may not otherwise receive without the appropriate prayer coverage.


 Team members are responsible and committed to submitting their prayer impressions and responses to prayers to the Team Leader before being forwarded on to clients, so there is a check and balance system in place.