___________Core Values/Spiritual DNA___________


Our core values in KCIA are Love, Souls, Service, Stewardship,  Humility, Honor, Holiness, Empowerment, Entrepreneurism, Excellence, Integrity, Innovation, Intercession, Faith, Family, Fellowship,  Character, Community,  Covenant, Alignment, Discipleship, Multiplication, Nations, Networking, Transformation and Worship.


The core spiritual DNA of the Alliance includes entrepreneurism, risk, spiritual fathering and mothering, apostolic alignment and succession, mutual accountability, teaching, writing, mentoring, modeling, innovating, inventing, pioneering, forerunning, reforming, connecting, converging, covenanting, building, creating and distributing wealth for the advancement of the kingdom and the king-priest paradigm modeled by Jesus and reflected in the Order of Melchisedek (Heb. 7).


Our philosophy is to embrace, accept and affirm other apostolic and/or marketplace leaders and networks; and to facilitate, promote and encourage networking, connecting and bridge building, personal maturity and character, apostolic alignment, peer accountability, covenantal relationships, prophetic counsel and revelation, strategic intercession, wealth transfer, discipleship,  stewardship,  multiplication and entrepreneurism.  




                                     DNA Helix courtesy of freegraphicdownload.com