___________KCIA Executive Summary___________


Kingdom Congressional International Alliance (KCIA) is a global alliance of apostles and prophets, each of whom have a confirmed assignment to establish the Kingdom of God in the nations. These leaders, whose assignments include all spheres of society, are being divinely joined together by vision, mission, purpose, destiny and the Holy Spirit. KCIA is part of a global movement and a relational family with shared DNA, rather than a traditional, structural, religious or financial group.


Apostolic alliances are one of the wineskins that Jesus is currently using to facilitate and release His presence into the earth. Apostolic alliances are the embodiment of God’s heart, and the vessels He is using for the new movement God is orchestrating and releasing in the land. 

KCIA seeks to enable apostolic and prophetic leaders to fulfill their assignments as leaders who voluntarily and freely choose to give and receive from one another the resources heaven has allocated to them, including: vision, revelation, discernment, and prophetic insights; practical knowledge, wisdom, advice, counsel, and consulting; relational access and influence with Kings, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Bishops, CEOs, Principals, Senators, Representatives, Governors, Mayors, Judges, Generals, and other authorities; facilities, technologies, logistics, administrative staffing and support; and financial investment and underwriting.


KCIA’s members are a covenantal people without prejudice or partiality, a new breed of leaders demanding of ourselves the highest form of character, a people finding our individual destiny in our corporate identity, overcomers who refuse mediocrity. Our mindset is honor and worship. As apostolic front-liners, we are trained soldiers of the Kingdom, anointed to finish and empowered to do the impossible – a royal priesthood after the Order of Melchizedek to bring global reformation. We thrive on transparency and accountability. 


These elements link the Alliance together to help fulfill the Great Commission of extending the Kingdom of God in all the earth and discipling nations (Matthew 28:19). 


A priority in KCIA is that no individual lose their specific identity, fingerprint of mission, or autonomy because of participation in the Alliance. Rather, empowerment, encouragement and enhancement are the goals. Great value is placed upon the ideals of the autonomy of members, commitment to one another, willingness to be accountable, friendships, collaboration and covenant relationship with God earmarking the joining of hearts.


Our Vision is to disciple the nations, teaching them to obey all that Jesus commands.


Our Mission is to enable Kingdom leaders to accelerate and further their success in completing their heavenly assignments by networking them together with other apostolic and prophetic leaders whose assignments are complementary and whose resources are voluntarily made available to one another.