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Written by Seventy Apostles and Apostolic Leaders from around the world and across the Seven Mountains (Spheres) of Culture, this set is a pioneering, groundbreaking study and practical application and demonstration of the role and function of modern apostles in both the marketplace and ecclesiastical realm, as well as the apostolic movement sweeping the earth today.


This historic, five-volume series is edited by Dr. Bruce Cook, with Forewords by Drs. C. Peter Wagner, Bill Hamon, Lance Wallnau, Paula Price, John Muratori and other leading apostles such as Rich Marshall, Lynn Scarborough, Johnny Enlow, and the late Kent Humphreys.


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Prophecy is a gift from God that according to the Scripture is to be desired and sought after and cultivated above other spiritual gifts (1 Cor 14:1). Scripture clearly says that the testimony or witness of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy (Rev 19:10). The fact that some Christians have misapplied, mishandled or misunderstood the gift of prophecy is no reason or excuse to throw the baby out with the bath water. A lack of maturity, pure motives, character, ministry does not invalidate or indict Scripture or prophecy just the one ministering. In fact, there are special blessings and rewards associated with the prophetic (Matt. 10:42, 2 Chron 20:20)

However, many Christians and ministry leaders fail to heed this Biblical instruction and would rather part with prophecy than partner with it. Such critics respond to prophecy, prophets and prophetic expression with a range of ignorance, confusion, contempt, ridicule, mockery disdain, condescension, doubt suspicion, skepticism, fear, unbelief, jealousy, control, condemnation, false judgment, prayers amiss, curses and or rejection.

In this book the twelve main types and classifications o prophecy, will be examined and will discuss prophetic perversion and prophetic strategy. In short this book will explore the technology of prophecy, prophets and prophetic expression.
-What is the true character and nature of the leader as shepherd and how does it apply in business and other arenas of life?    Retail $19.99

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This powerful book is an advocate of Kingdom grace directed toward the transformation of traditional mindests from religion to "the mind of Christ" - the kingdom of heaven mentality, through a series of essays based on specific meditations and Holy Spirit revelations of divine truth, experienced and written by Dr. James Brewton as he meets with God in the 'secret place' - his back porch. This is inspiring and powerful material!     Retail  $19.95


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Transform your life as you change your thoughts. A key to wholeness is found in this simple yet profound truth. This book offers simple solutions to earth-shattering, overwhelming, every day life crises. Transformation has never been easy, yet we have the solution to every issue we encounter. Imagine living a lifestyle where you literally have the power to walk over every circumstance, every obstacle, and every challenge. This is the book for you!   Retail  $19.99


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This amazing book by Dr. Sylvester Brinson III examines the subject of generational curses from theological, social and scientific viewpoints, giving readers a thorough understanding of this complex issue. Dr. Brinson's extensive counseling background and decades of theological understanding help readers find the roots of psychological and spiritual problems and how to deal with them. This is part of The Brinson Institute Training Program.



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