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  1. Morality, character… private and public

  2. Relational … good standing with Christ and the Body of Christ

  3. Integrity… financial and domestic order                

  4. Kingdom Minded… present - day truth orientation 

  5. Seasoned Apostolic or Prophetic Leadership, Gifting and Functioning

  6. Biblically literate and knowledgeable of Scripture.


All referrals and nominations to the Alliance must be approved by the Executive Committee. This fulfills the biblical principle of knowing those who labor among you. Apostles or Prophets who are sponsoring and endorsing potential KCIA members, must provide a letter of recommendation and personally endorse and attest to the credibility, maturity, integrity, character and morality of the potential member.


Two letters of recommendation and endorsement (dual sponsorship by two separate members in good standing) will be required for potential candidates to be considered by the Alliance. At least one sponsor must be an apostle. An interview with at least 2 members of the Executive Committee may also be required for potential candidates. 





Periodic conferences and special meetings will be held by the alliance, and for designated events, Members may invite their spouses or like-minded ecclesiastical and/or marketplace leaders known by them, as guests. All guests must be invited by a Member. Guests are not eligible for or entitled to the benefits and services of Members.


To read the full agreement and to download the application, click on the link at the top - left of this page.