_____________Project Collaboration_____________

One purpose of KCIA is to promote collaboration between Members in the execution of their Assignments. Many Assignments are long-term (perhaps even lifetime or multigenerational), but are executed by way of a series of distinct Projects. A Project is an effort that aims to accomplish one or more specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound objectives.


Many KCIA Members are already executing Projects within their businesses, ministries, families, and communities. Some are already collaborating with other Apostles and Prophets on these Projects. For these leaders, this KCIA Project Collaboration Initiative will be “familiar territory." Some Members will find this approach "new territory."


KCIA's Project Administration group seeks to assist Members in successfully executing Projects that are the practical expression of their Divine Assignment. KCIA's Project Administration group provides Members with valuable assistance, including:


• We can help Members define their Projects in a            simple and standard format, for ease of review and      understanding by other Members;


•  We can help Members with vital resources                   discover and connect with other Members                     whose Projects need those resources; and


•  We offer advice, forms, and online software                 tools that Members can use to administer (e.g.             planning, budgeting, funding, tracking,                         managing) their Projects.


A Member can request KCIA assistance by submitting a Project / Assignment Summary. Each Project submitted will be reviewed by KCIA for clarity and completeness, and a Member may be asked to provide additional information before being accepted as a "KCIA Registered Project."


KCIA Project Administration reserves the right to decline or not accept Project submissions by members for any reason or no reason.

Registered Projects will be posted on KCIA's secure project collaboration system where all Members can review them, and contact the Project Sponsor directly to initiate the collaboration process.


KCIA acts as an information clearinghouse for KCIA Registered Projects as a service to Members. KCIA does not endorse Members projects, nor is it responsible for project outcomes, risks to Members, nor for the oversight or control of any project. Each Member collaborating on a Project is solely responsible for any decision that they may make with respect to participating in that Project.


Not all Members will need KCIA's assistance with their Project(s), nor will all Members choose to Register Projects with KCIA. Such Registration is entirely optional and voluntary for Members.

To learn more, send an email to: