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  Prophecy of Confirmation and Commissioning          for Apostolic Wineskin -- Sharon Billins    

                           Jan. 16, 2014


I hear the Lord say, “I have gathered together my sons and my daughters who I have matured and prepared even over the years— many who have been rejected by others only to be accepted by me. For this is not a play thing,” says the Lord. “This is not a social club,” says the Lord. “This is not a political club,” says the Lord. “This is my club,” says the Lord. “For I have designated it even in heaven, and surely as I am raising up this one, there are other ones being raised up all over the world. For I shall bring forth the true voices of my apostolic power of resurrection. For the time is now,” says the Lord, “that I shall penetrate the kingdoms of this world, and shall I not use my sons and my daughters for such an hour as this. For it is not about your face; it is not about your name, nor is it about your title, says the Lord thy God, but it is all about my glory; it is all about my power; it is all about my spirit,” says the Lord, “that shall go forth to the lands. For I have called you to specific assignments, corporate assignments, individual assignments, but together, together,” says the Lord, “together, shall you rule and reign in power and authority. For I have placed the mantle of authority upon you, this mantle of  power, this mantle of truth, this mantle of justice, this mantle of wisdom, this mantle of revelation.


For surely I have placed it upon each of your shoulders for such a time as this. Now shall there be a merging together of these anointings. So shall there be a merging together of the mantles from the north, the south, the east, and the west, black and white, Hispanic, Latino, Mexican, all races of people. So I shall present to the world a rainbow of my anointing,” says the Lord. “Have not I called it forth? This is just the beginning,” says the Lord. “There are new and effectual doors that shall open unto you. And it cannot be you raising up your hand, [saying,] Can I go? Can I go? I have already chosen the ones that will go. (Many know the times?) and specific ones in the group. The patterns shall emerge. The skills shall emerge. The ability shall emerge. Be not concerned in fleshly things, but be concerned with spiritual things. For together is better than one,” says the Lord, “and I have knit you together, even though there has been internal resistance,” says the Lord. “For many have pondered, should they do this, even the ones on this [phone] line.  They have said, ‘I don’t need another group. I don’t need to waste my time. God, is this what you want me to do?’” And God is saying, “Yes, my child. Yes, my daughter. Yes, my son. This is the very thing I have called forth in this hour. Have not I called forth a unification and a unifying of my sons and daughters to win this battle? Many have rebelled when I called 10 years ago, but now,” says the Lord, “I am holding the helm of this.  I am holding this together. It is my hand that shall move quickly— quickly, quickly, quickly. Even before the next time you get together, shall there be an assignment that shall (bring or break) forth,” says the Lord.


“And you shall recover the assignment,” says the Lord, “for I shall use your voices. And even the television cameras that are getting ready to be put in your face,” says the Lord. “Be not afraid; have no fear. For I shall give you the words to speak to the nation. I shall give you the words to speak to the kings and the queens. I shall give you the words to speak to the politicians. I shall give you the words to speak to the entertainers. For it is I that speaks through you, and it is I that has gone before you. I am the breaker anointing,” says the Lord thy God. “You will see me not many days hence, and there shall be a windfall, a windfall, a tsunami wave of finances, that shall enable you to travel here and travel there, and you shall come into contact with jet owners, plane owners, who will lend you the use of a plane, to go here, or there, and everywhere,” says the Lord. “For it is my plane, it is my jet,” says the Lord, “and I shall use it for the Kingdom.” Oh my God. Oh my God. He says, “Change is on the horizon. Change is on the horizon. And even as you move together in unity,” says the Lord, “shall I bring order in your family; shall worry be taken off of your shoulders. Many of you on the call have situations going on that you need to tend to concerning your immediate families, concerning your family, concerning your church.”


For the Lord says, “My way is the best way. My counsel is the best way. And I will bring things into order in your house, in your ministry, in your church. And so make the time available to do what I have commanded you to do.  And yes, yes, yes, the first among equals. Yes, Dr. Bruce Cook. But even in this, you are still my son, you are still my son. You are being obedient to me, (concerning or considering) the called out,” says the Lord. “Humility is the way,” says the Lord. “Humility is the way. Therefore, I will exalt you, my son, in due season. And even those who will obey the assignments coming forth, even military assignments. Yes, I see the military. I see the military calling upon you. The branches of the military are getting ready to call; they need help; they need prophetic insight, they need revelation, they need _____________. Not just the training ground of the soldiers but the five-fold ministry training ground.”  Oh, blessed be the name of the Lord. “For this is the hour and this is the time, that I shall use you,” says the Lord thy God. “And there shall be many that shall be envious and jealous, but I shall deal with them, that even the enemy shall be (made the first),” says the Lord. Glory to God. 


Duncan Campbell Prophetic Vision 1-16-14

During the call, as we all began to pray in the Spirit, I saw a vision...

I saw bridges of gold...golden bridges connecting different lands and people. I saw golden streets and highways and roads... and freeways ... all interconnecting  places, leaders, teams and tribes of the Kingdom of Light. There were golden tunnels and walkways, too. I could see these pathways going in every direction. Many of these channels were already built, but I saw new ones being constructed as well. I saw the most amazing Light shining on each of these golden bridges, tunnels and roads. It was much brighter and richer and warmer than sunshine. This Light contained joy and peace and righteousness and power. It was the Shekinah Glory! This brilliant Light was reflecting off the gold and the rays contained an exciting joy and a peaceful hope. Traveling on these pathways brought life to the travelers, and the travelers, in turn, brought life to those without it.  We, along with other 5 fold ministers, were moving freely everywhere we went and we were going wherever God directed us to go.  All 7 mountains were connected to and reached by these streets of gold. We were bringing the Light with us to the dark places on each of the 7 mountains. I could see our council, both building and traveling down these paths with extreme love, faith and power. The Quest of the Kingdom was within our reach.


Dr. Gayle Rogers Prophecy 1-16-14  

The Lord said, “I have heard the cries of my people, and the hunger in their hearts for more, that you have longed for and said you are tired of the status quo” and literally, I hear the Lord say, “Finally, they have come together.” I can see a vision of the Father, grinning and nodding His head in agreement and saying, “Finally! I have heard your cries, not unlike the cries of the children of Israel, and I have known your desires and I have known that you have had a desire but you didn’t know what it was.” And so the Lord says, “Today I am giving you a picture of what this is to look like, and even the sound that we have been hearing.  Not only do we have a picture, but we have a sound of the picture of what I am releasing from heaven, and so I keep hearing the Lord saying, “Finally.” And I hear Him chuckling and saying, “I give you the desires of your heart. I have given you that that which you have cried for. I have given you a radiance, and that you are well (received or equipped).” And I hear also that “before not very long, we will be pleasantly surprised at the impact that this coming together will have, that the impact we will have is (enormous).”  


Paul Cuny Vision and Prophecy 1-16-14 from 18 Months Ago About Golden Jeweled Chalices


I had this vision 18 months ago and the morning I received your invitation - actually 1 hour before I read your email - in my prayer time the Lord brought this back to me.  He said "Now is the time for what you see."  I told the Lord I would begin working on this and had finished my quiet time and opened your email.  Clearly, this is what I saw 18 months ago.  Here is the vision and I added a little for clarification...


I saw a beautiful, jeweled, golden, chalice on a table or a platform.  The central part of the vision was the chalice, not the platform.  Then two chalices were placed behind the first one, then three behind those, then four, etc., until there was a multitude of chalices.  Each chalice looked identical and all the lips of the chalices had a slight flare and were touching those around them in this perfectly organized, very large triangle of chalices.  No chalice was bigger or taller than the ones around it, they were all equal height, and absolutely identical.  


I asked the Lord "What does this mean?"  The only thing I saw in the vision was the chalices, nothing else.  This picture represented a team of peer level leaders and each chalice represented the life of a person.  Each life had been tried and tested, made holy, pure and clean through these testings and trials and thereby fit for the wine or oil from the King.  I heard the Lord say "You cannot contain what I am going to give in earthen vessels." I realized the vessel must be appropriate for use by the King.


Every chalice was empty, and this was significant. They were empty, yet full of expectation and preparation for what God was going to do.  The chalices had been placed in a perfect arrangement or alignment for what was about to come in the very near future.  They were waiting to be filled by the King.  


I heard the Lord say "NO TITLES!!"  It was then I realized this represented a team of people God was bringing together.  It was clear no one was greater than the other and no one was qualifying themselves by their title or religious position.  A desire for the purposes of God in our day is what qualified them. Men and women on eye level with each other, waiting for what God was going to send to fill them.  I saw meetings of 15-20 people waiting on God.  I saw some ministry people and some marketplace people in relationship with one another, meeting together over extended periods of time - at least a day - with expectation of God speaking and directing, as He sees fit.  These meetings are very comfortable with no dominant voice ...   These meetings seem to be related to the Kingdom economy and government because everything in my life is about that, and what God is saying to us all, but also with an expectation of Him filling us for what is to come.  I have the sense that this is much bigger than just 15 to 20 people in the meeting I saw.  But I believe this group of leaders coming together to form a new apostolic wineskin is part of what God is doing, that He showed me a year and a half ago.


Second Prophecy for New Apostolic Wineskin Group from Sharon Billins – Jan. 26, 2014

The Lord’s been downloading to me and He says, “There will be an apostolic attorney, a lawyer, that will be a part of this great team that He is assembling together. This attorney is needed in order to dot every “i” and cross every “t” because even in the secret places and the secret missions and assignments that we will go to in the 7 Mountains of this world, some of those assignments will be with people blessing us with large sums of money, and so the attorney will draw up paperwork to make sure that that money is not taken away from us in any way, form or fashion. He would draw paperwork to make sure that we are covered and protected from the IRS and protected from federal entities, -- not only federal, state and local entities, and international entities – but bureaucracies, financial bureaucracies, not just dealing with the financial mergers and acquisitions, even but in dealing with the that we will have privileged information to obtain, but also protecting us from counsel that is given to governmental leaders, protecting us from any backlash if we speak something from the oracles of God that redirect nations, that redirect governments, that we would be protected, as not being able to be sued by anyone, every city, every town, every village, that we go into, because the attorney will be a Holy Ghost legal beagle to protect us in every form or fashion that is possible, so that no gate can be penetrated by the enemy to cause any downfall in what we are called to do. Yes, there will be many in the entertainment arena that will also want to bless us as “apostolic consultants” but also to bless us but also want to bless corporately.

So, I hear the Lord say that each member of the apostolic team – each person, each apostle, each prophet, each team member -- must have a summary, an executive summary of their [life] dream, sort of like the Dream Teams that some of us were part of, and be ready when different ones approach us, saying, How can I help you? Be ready to say, This is exactly what I need, this is the amount that I need, to fly from city to city and from nation to nation, in order to pay off my church, in order to do this and to do that.” For the Lord says, “As surely as we are speaking now, these doors will open to make you financially free.  There will be a great financial freedom as a result of the team pouring into people at all levels. And even some security paperwork, I see a lot of security paperwork, signing away for security clearance, security clearance, security clearance.


I see a military base. I see a team going on, and I see a truck that looks like Rat Patrol, and I see army fatigues, camouflage, wearing camouflage so as to disguise the civilians we are, and at the same time, penetrating and training actual soldiers, training, and so a security clearance is going to be much needed. Greater assignments are on the way. It‘s almost like a Holy Ghost Mission Impossible team.” God is saying, “Get ready, get ready, my son. For I shall do a new work even this year, this year, from Australia to Germany to Europe to Africa to America. Something about a Naval base, I don’t know where this is, a Naval base.” But I hear the Lord say, “Get ready, get ready, get ready in ways that you have never known, for you will penetrate the 7 Mountains of this world. Training, training, training, training, training. It’s sort of like the Lord is putting His stamp, or it’s sort of like when a parachutist is targeted and jumps out of the plane, X marks the spot that they have to land in.”


I hear the Lord say, “You all are my apostolic parachutists, you will jump out of the airplane, you will jump out of the helicopter, and I will land you exactly in the spot that I desire you to be in, and I will give you words to speak out of your mouth.” The Lord says, “Do not be frightened of the ones who are in high position, because they are my children as well. But I require you all for new assignments, new tasks, new responsibilities.” God says, “Even concerning your own destinies, your own assignments, that all of us have been working on, many of us have been trying to write books but we’ve had distractions—many of us have been trying to work the ministries, work the churches, work the regions,” but God says, “Help is on the way, holding up each one of our arms as we go forth. And even some assignments, we can’t even tell our loved ones.” God says, “That’s how secretive it will be. It’s critical. And some of it will be life and death situations.” And God is saying, “Get ready, get ready, get ready. It shall happen soon. It shall happen quick. For it my doing,” says the Lord. “It is I. For they have need of it for what is to come, for what is to come. Even for this nation called America, my apostolic fires are needed to penetrate into the forces beyond. It is I, It is I, that will shake all the things, the resources, and the people, that is needed to make this go. I shall prosper it at every hand.” Glory to God. Father God, we thank you and we praise you. Amen.