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Dr. Gordon E. Bradshaw


The term “congressional” helps to determine the scope of the alliance. The congressional aspect of this alliance helps us to understand our place as apostles and prophets in how the world looks, and in how we as sons and daughters of God are going to influence and shape the world, and leverage our anointings, giftings, assignments. We’re going to be constant looking, looking, looking through the scope of God’s vision and purpose for this alliance to see the details that so many others have missed… I want to encourage everyone in this alliance to be that seed, and in how we as sons and daughters are going to see the details that so many others have missed. I think as a group of people, we have become a congress in the spirit dimension, and we’re going to help leverage the divine laws of God. And I think we’re going to have influences in a lot of areas, in all of the spheres of the 7 Mountains. 


And I believe we’re going to see doors opening because God is going to be putting us into places as seeds in various organizations, in various nations, in various corporations. We’re going to be planted as seeds in so many places, to bring about the change that God has ordered and ordained.


Jackie Seeno


I have been seeing in my prayer time for this group, a pen with a feather and a document that looks like the Constitution, and I am hearing the words “founding fathers.” We are really installing a new order, something that will bring a new order and a new alignment into the earth realm. And I keep on hearing the words, “multigenerational anointing.” 


One of the things that I see for the future is young apostles and young prophets that are emerging being able to have us come together with redemptive purpose on this group. The foundation is built on the apostles and prophets to be able to bring forth order and structure. One of the telling signs and attributes of our generation we are living in is disorder and chaos. God has a multigenerational anointing on this group but also has already imparted a redemptive assignment onto this group, to be able to pour out and impart to generations, and those that are coming up, who are able to bring order to a generation that is characterized  by chaos and confusion in this season. We have many different anointings, many different assignments, but one of the key assignments is to be able to impart to the next generation.  God already has a plan to bring a U turn to the generations that are to come through the establishment of order like this group and others that are being formed, for His purpose to come forth in years to come. 


Wende Jones


My heart is just overwhelmed and my spirit is flooding  with the incredibleness of this group and what it represents...What He [God] just showed me was that the sword of the Lord has been risen, and It has been brought down into the heart of Babylon today. This group—the call that is on our lives, the assignments that we each have individually and now together, and the corporate anointing that this group brings, has struck here into the heart of Babylon.  It has brought together a unity that the Lord has been calling us to bring together for a long time, and He’s been speaking to me about unity. And I’ve asked him, How do we get to this next place of acceleration?


How do we move forward? How do we manifest the things of heaven? How do we bring down the things of heaven, the new way of doing things? It’s this congressional alliance; it’s this piece, it’s this place of unity that we have come to under the heart of the Lord, that is going to bring that forward. And we have struck into the heart of Babylon today.  And we are moving forward in such an incredible way. And this will be the place of acceleration and the place of unity and corporate anointing. And the Lord is pleased, and He is excited, and we are to stand in incredible expectation every moment of every day for what God is bringing forth and manifesting through the unity in this alliance. 


Dr. Gayle Rogers


I too want to share my feelings toward this group over the past couple of month and what I have been seeing in my spirit for years, as I looked around at the natural and asked, God, I know you have given us authority but why aren’t we seeing the world be changed? I wasn’t seeing that happen. But the corporate anointing that we’ve been talking about—not just today but  the last two months— my heart leaps and I’ve been just calling up apostles I know and saying, it’s almost like, Come see a man; come see this thing that God is literally ordaining designing, aligning corporately.  What I know today of a certainty is that God has released His power over this group, that literally in no time at all, we’re going to see with our eyes tangibly what we’ve been seeing in the spirit. I love you, I applaud you. It is such a wonderful place to be today to know that I am finally part of that remnant that literally is going to change the world. So thank you.


Dr. Gordon E. Bradshaw


I just had a flash rhema from God that KCIA will be a new ark of safety and a new ark of  covenant. I heard the Lord say that this is going to be a safe place for people to come on board and reproduce. As they were talking about generations, What was the ark of Noah about with Noah inviting the animals on board? It was about preserving of generations. It was about bringing two of each kind of everything, to reproduce after its kind, to replenish the earth. I hear the spirit of the Lord say, Much replenishment is going to come out of this alliance. It’s going to be a new ark of safety, a safe place to come with new revelations and truths, and a safe place to come when our heart is heavy, and we need to share, this is what we’re dealing with—can someone pray me through? Or, this is what’s happening on our city, and not face any type of detrimental response or be brought down by another or looked down upon, but a safe place to share hearts, a safe place to share visions. The call is to get on board, get on board and regenerate. Get on board and reproduce. So KCIA is a regenerative instrument in the heart and mind of God. Amen. 


Dr. Kauffman


I have found out that in the apostolic and prophetic dimension, a lot of men and women have been walking alone. KCIA brings men and women to a table where they’ll never have to walk alone again, where we can move from a me to a we. And we‘ll never have to be alone. It is not good for man to be alone.  This is more than husband and wife. What this wineskin provides is a safe place to come with like vision to walk together, and as we do, we’ll walk around Jericho and bankrupt it.


Dr. Clyde Rivers


I work with the leaders of the world. We have to verbally engineer the vocabulary of the king, and start to create these ideologies into the world…I believe God wants to establish a new order from heaven, and this alliance will have to verbally engineer what we want the world to look like in the future. We can’t just solve the problem; we have to create an ideology for the problem we solve.


Dr. Arleen Westerhof 


One of the things that the Lord has been speaking to me about this group is the fact that we are at a tipping point moment in history; our societies are changing and they are changing beyond recognition. One of the key things about prophetic in this group is that I believe God is going to give us revelation, and I think that is going to be necessary, as I have been speaking to people across Europe and the African continent, who are all expecting a significant economic downturn in 2015 again; these are not fearmongers; these are people in the know. The Lord has also been speaking to us also about creating storehouses. One individual said he believes it’s going to be a Joseph type scenario that will be coming up in 2015. I see the timing of the formation of this group as being very significant, because I think that God has given us time.


But The Lord is going to use both the apostolic and the prophetic to not only discuss, but to give shape to 21st Century storehouses. What do they look like, in every sense of the word? I do see that there will be a lot of people saved, both spiritually and physically. As the gentleman spoke earlier about creating prototypes, I do see that there’s an authority and an urgency that God has given in this hour to this group to do that. For those of you who weren’t  on the last call, indeed I’ve had a repeated vision of this group of God using this group to form a net, and the knots in the net are people who are related to each other in relationship, and they are leaders of networks in their own right, and the net covers the world, and the net is for the harvest.


Cristian Voaides 


I really feel that the Lord is going to use this group in a special way to disciple nations. 


Duncan Campbell


Over the last three decades, I have worked with a lot of different leaders, in a lot of different nations, on a lot of different initiatives. There is something so refreshingly unique about this group. Everyone here is anointed. Everyone here has love in their hearts. Everyone here believes in speaking the truth, not falsehoods or made up stuff. Everyone here is genuine and has integrity, wisdom and experience. That’s somewhat unique…and I thank Dr. Cook for being a magnet to draw people of excellence, people you can count on, people of substance…I encourage us to keep true unity, and to keep the group pure.


Doug Firebaugh


The Lord has put a Scripture on my heart, Ezekiel 32:3: “This is what the Sovereign Lord says, with the great throng of people, I will cast my net upon you, and they will haul you up in my net.”


Dr. A.L. (Papa) Gill


I speak with a real father’s heart. My spirit is leaping up and down with excitement about what God is doing and the timing of the birthing of KCIA. The prophetic word that came from Malachi 4:5-6, the grand finale of the Old Testament, Before that coming great and dreadful day of the Lord, I am going to send Elijah the prophet.” I believe the Spirit of Elijah is being poured out, and it has everything to do with the birthing of KCIA.


The turning of the hearts of the fathers and mothers to this generation, as Jackie talked about the multi-generational anointing, and as Dr. Bradshaw spoke about the preservation of generations, as we see the typology of the ark and the replenishing of what God is doing. But I sense that the timing of the establishment of KCIA has everything to do with the Spirit of Elijah that God is sending forth today and there’s a turning of the hearts to this new generation, and we will begin as the Spirit of Elijah came upon John the Baptist, to be focused on there’s one coming after me, and to be focusing on raising up this new generation, and the call of God upon their lives. God has preserved and brought them forth for such a time as this. There’s a double portion anointing coming upon this generation that God is raising up today. So let our hearts be turned, individually and corporately, to this coming generation, that God is going to get the job done for the Kingdom of God. 


Dr. Stan Jeffery 


I just felt God saying was saying to me that we’ve got to claim back and recover what the enemy has taken from us. As kings and queens, which we all are, we need to put on a new hat, as well as apostles and prophets, we have to recognize that we have got the authority in the land as representatives of our Lord and our Creator to claim back what He has created.  We just need to stand up a little more in the mantles that we have to establish the kingdom of God in the earth. We need to understand that we are the kings…of our opportunities and the resources that we have…One of the things that is coming out of this alliance is to affirm who we are and stand up in the world in the way that God wants us to and give Him the glory.


Dave Hodgson


This group is very, very timely and in season. There has long been this disconnect between the kings and the priests, and I’m talking about traditionally between the church and the marketplace, certainly in Australia…And in the ministry I work in, Kingdom Investors, we’ve long sought to connect them, where they understood the spiritual synergy that exists. It’s been a hard slog. It hasn’t been that hard to activate the kings, but it’s been hard to get the priests to accept them. And I think this group, with its credibility and its authority, will begin to do that. And I think that is a key to changing the culture in the earth; that is the key for reclaiming the earth for God – to get the kings and the priests to work together, to get the church and the marketplace working together is going to be critical. And I think this group has the clout to do that.


Charlie Fisher


When we first opened up this [call today], and people were sharing, I felt really strongly that something was being birthed, but for people who don’t have a voice,…that there’s agendas in the world right now to enslave people and for financial gain, and that we need to understand those things. The Scripture that came to me for this group is Luke 4:17 (quoting Isaiah) with Jesus reading the scroll in the synagogue. This word is very timely for this group…People will be seeking us out just as the Queen of Sheba sought out King Solomon…


Dr. Carl White Jr.


But the system on the earth is a different mindset. Terminologies need to be given so that when we speak, we need to speak the same words.


Paul Nesbitt


As soon as Papa Gill spoke that word about the Spirit of Elijah, I just felt The Lord’s calling the kids back; He’s calling the prodigals back. He’s been searching for those ones. God’s going to graft in a lot of broken people back to the vine… We’re not going to be in lack of anything. The key is unity, then God commands the blessing. I can feel the love.


Dr. Gayle 


I had a dream 10 years ago, and I saw caves, and I saw men in jails, and the men were bent over, and many of them were black men, and older black men, and they were in tunnels. I asked the Lord what was that, and what that meant for me. And [in my dream] they were taking babies from the women, and throwing babies into the fire right next to the jail. I saw one generation being beaten almost to death, and another generation of babies being killed. Our people have been enslaved. So I saw one Ten years ago I heard the Lord say, “You are to set my people free”…Even though I am a part of many networks, I have been feeling alone in trying to accomplish an understanding of what God was saying, and He is saying, “Set my people free.”. So I’ve got a revelation today and my heart is bursting that I now have the tools to move forward. So I’m excited about setting the captives free. And I hear the Lord say, Mark this day in history.


You go down in history, that as the babies are delivered, as the jails are opened, as the generations are delivered, saith the Lord, you will begin to see signs and wonders. They will say, Who is this group? And other people will say, Oh, this is that new group. This is the new anointing that is coming forth. And so the Lord would say to every one of you, “Be encouraged. I am birthing and bringing, and I am pouring out double portion, double portion, double portion,” saith the Lord, “double portion.” The Lord said, “You will marvel, and people will marvel all over the earth in watching the captives come out of the caves,” saith the Lord. 


Mark Henderson


In reference to what Wende Jones said about the Lord being pleased, the Lord just told me that He is very pleased with this gathering. And I am also excited to see apostles and prophets working together, because the foundation is both…One thought that’s been coming to me is that Jesus called us to be one as He is one with the Father and the Holy Spirit. I believe the potential of this group is to be, in this corporate unity, is to move in unity towards the unity that Jesus called us to, which is the unity He has with the Father and Holy Spirit, and it’s the unity of being one in word, thought, deed and action, and not compromised. Many of the unity movements have been based on How much can we compromise to get something done?  How much can we compromise and still call ourselves Christians? How much can we compromise of the gospel? But the potential of this group is to see how much in common we have and as we become more like Jesus and become one with Him, then we can be one with each other and more connected, as the early prophets and apostles worked together so closely, and the apostles confirmed one another…So I’m really excited about being part of this, and I believe the Lord is very pleased. 


Paul Cuny


The Lord gave me a picture, and in the picture, I saw Jesus and He had a Coke® or soda bottle with a cap on it and He was laughing uproariously, and the Coke® bottle was us. And then He would shake the bottle and suddenly, the cap blows off of the bottle and I believe the Lord is saying, “There’s going to be an explosion, and we’re still in the shaking stage.” The second thing is I have spent a lot of years in intense study of the Book of Nehemiah, and when I was writing about that, God told me two words: “divine convergence.” And the moment that Nehemiah heard about the state of Jerusalem was a divine moment. I said, God what is divine convergence? He began to show me three divine convergences in the life of Nehemiah that I believe will happen in this group. At this moment we are all rounding third base and it feels real good because everybody’s going to be cheering us home.


But divine convergence is a moment in time when three things intersect. One is a crisis. Europe is in crisis; we’re [USA] in crisis but we’ve denied it, although we because we‘re so interconnected, we’re going to face a crisis. The second thing is God’s desire to solve that crisis at a specific moment in time. And the third thing is the destiny or destinies of people that He has molded and shaped. And I believe that moment in time is in the near future. And I believe that the Lord has been saying to me is, “There is a prophetic purpose to our group beyond just rounding third base and coming home for your team to cheer you on.” The Lord told me, “There is a prophetic purpose that is yet not known,” because God does not do anything randomly. He is strategic about what he does, and He has birthed this.