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     Decrees made on 5-18-2015 and at 2015 KCIA                     Annual Conference Breakfast 9-24-15


Mary Dorian    5-18-15


I saw in the Spirit a Huge Ocean Liner. It was overlaid in Gold and shone very bright in the sun. I understood this to be KCIA. I heard the Word of the Lord being shouted out." Ready to head out on course." As a matter of fact, I believe there was a course change. Instead of being in the harbor waiting to have further supplies put on or going on a practice run ( the first year was the practice run), The Lord felt so pleased with the level of maturity and foresight that He was releasing us to go... Go into all the World -Commissioned to bring healing to the nations. Read Isa. 33:21-22 Amplified. “But there the mighty and magnificent Lord will be for us A place of broad rivers and streams, Where no oar-driven boat will go, And on which no mighty and stately ship will pass. 22 For the Lord is our Judge, The Lord is our Ruler, The Lord is our King; He will save us.”
The Lord is making a way for us. Going into new places where no one has gone before. Also verse 24 Bringing healing to the nations. “And no inhabitant [of Zion] will say, “I am sick”; The people who dwell there will be forgiven their wickedness [their sin, their injustice, their wrongdoing].” This Ship will sail through the waters of the United States and then out to sea and cross into Europe and other continents. Traveling on the water represents the Glory (Hab. 2:14, Amp). “But [the time is coming when] the earth shall be filled With the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, As the waters cover the sea.”  The Lord said, "Don’t think this ship is only a ship of beauty and grace; it is also a Man of War. Dealing with the powers of darkness and bringing the Light. Warriors and Intercessors are doing Kingdom business against all plans of the enemy.” I felt like KCIA would be used mightily by the Lord in the Outpouring of the Spirit for the United States. This awakening or revival of the Body of Christ for a great harvest is at hand.



Dr. James Brewton   5-18-15


The Lord said to me that there is a Wind blowing in from the West. It is the Ruwach – the breath, life, spirit of the Holy Spirit. This is not a natural wind. It is the Holy Spirit’s breath blowing to move the people of God from their current place or position and shift them into their place of prominence for the fulfilling of divine assignments. The Lord said that the Ruwach – the Spirit of God is blowing through KCIA and the speakers to usher in a spirit of anticipation that will blow the people of God into their place of Godly notoriety. God said that the West wind is symbolic of the sea and the abundance that it contains. It is the beginning of the shift that will eventually blow from the four corners of the earth. The wealth of the Gentiles will come to us. (Is. 60: 5)  God said, prophesy to the wind, son of man, and say to the wind, thus says the Lord God; come from the four wind, o breath, and breathe upon these slain, that they may live. So I prophesied as he commanded and breath came into them and they stood upon their feet and lived – an exceeding great army. (Ezek. 37:9-10)


God said that the Wind or Holy Spirit is unpredictable (John 3: 5-8), so is everyone who is born of the Spirit. This will not be a natural phenomenon; it is supernatural. And God said that He is sweeping the room or the place where we will gather at KCIA of old things, so that new things of God can manifest – miracles, signs and wonders. He said that as we get on one accord in that place that the place will be shaken with a mighty move of His Spirit. He said that He will shift some things that seem predictable and release the unpredictable – the move of His Spirit that will purge this new wine skin called KCIA.


Holy Spirit said that He is about to blow our natural mind – remove our way of thinking and acting through our flesh and overwhelm us with wonder and amazement as the supernatural is displayed so that the only thing that remains is His Spirit and He will get the glory. He said that we’ve done and accomplished some things through natural means, but now He’s getting involved in what we’re doing.

God said to tell you that you have become the wind, man of God. And He said that the wind blows where it lists and we hear the sound of it but cannot tell where it comes from nor where it goes – so is everyone who is born of the Spirit. He said that the wind of the Spirit is constantly shifting, moving counter-clockwise at times; it is unpredictable. And it can be contrary at times. But like Jesus, we will rebuke the wind (censure it) and speak to the sea. Our rebuke to contrary winds will be PEACE! And our command to the sea will be - BE STILL! God is going to shift some things at the KCIA annual meeting.


God said that in the realm of the Spirit you have literally become that – the wind of change to shift people from all over the world into their destiny, their place of prominence for fulfillment of divine assignments. The Father said, wind the wind plus one minus one; back up, go around; backtrack, detract. He said, Mind back – conscious forth; conscious forth prove mind back. He said stand for righteousness KCIA and you shall see My glory.



Prophecy from Dr. Sharon Billins

September 24, 2015 at Breakfast

My sons, my daughters, have not I called you for this time in this season?  Shall not I do great and mighty things and great exploits through your hands, says the Lord.  There will be many that will try and come and say, “I want in, I want in”, but it will be too late, says the Lord.  For I am gathering My eagles together from different parts of the world and the regions and the territories and the cities and the nations and the towns for such a time as this.  I am pulling them from the boardroom, I am pulling them from the state offices, I am pulling them from the international offices.  It is My time, it is My season, says the Lord, that I shall raise up these voices to speak into the lives of many who I have destined to come into the kingdom.  You shall bring them in, this group shall bring them in.  Yes, yes, I see the television newscast, I see different ones being sent out to sit on CNN, to sit on FOX news, to sit in this interview and that interview, and say, “How is it that this company was transformed, how is it that this educational system was transformed, what did you all do, what is your secret, what is your formula?”  And we will say, “It’s all God, it’s all God, it’s all God.”  And the Lord is saying, get ready, get ready for the TV cameras are coming, they are coming, they are coming.  They want to know the answer, the world wants to know the answer.  They are coming from different portions of the world.  We won’t even have to go after them.  The Lord says I am bringing them to you.  I am bringing the money, the money is here, the money is here, says the Lord.  For there shall be a great wealth transfer to take place, even over the next three months you shall see it.  It is My hand, says the Lord, that you’ll bring it in.  For you need the finances to fly here, to fly there, you need the finances and there will even be hotels that will be owned by KCIA in different regions and different territories.  There will be apostolic hubs, transformational centers that will be built up that will disciple people from many nations.  Get ready, get ready, get ready for I am raising up a people that will train and equip My people for the second coming, for I am coming back for a church without a spot or wrinkle. 

I have raised you up for this time and this season, to raise up daughters and sons from every direction in every course of life.  Get ready, it’s going to happen, and yes, yes, yes we shall minister to the poor and the oppressed.  For I tell you, I tell you, My sons and My daughters, I give you this money to help you but I give you this money to help the poor, says the Lord.  For your motives must be right, your hearts must be right, in order for Me to successfully transfer and transform this organism.  I hear the Lord say to take it to a higher place, for your hearts must be humble before Me, you must have childlike faith, you must have a childlike spirit that I will honor each and every one of you.  No one is greater, and no one is lesser, but you are My sons and the earth has been moaning and groaning for sons such as this, says the Lord.  Yes, yes, My fire is upon you.  My power is upon you, says the Lord, that you will rise up and be known around this nation and many other nations.  They will call you to the White House, they will call you to Hollywood, they will call you to the government arena, they will call you to the education arena, they will call you to the money matters.  Get ready, get ready for the doors of Switzerland, the international finance committee, the International Monetary Fund committee, they shall call you.  For they shall need a seer, says the Lord.  They shall need one who can see visions, one who can see the current analysis and the future analysis, says the Lord.  Yes, yes, yes the doors are opening wide, says the Lord.  I am doing this thing, says the Lord.  I am pouring out My Spirit upon this group. And even in these three days, says the Lord, shall I knit together souls for such a time as this.  So shall I form the alliance, says the Lord, so shall I bring together My sons and daughters in unique places.  Each gift is important to Me, says the Lord.  Each skill is important to Me, says the Lord.  And it is I that shall knit it together, says the Lord.


It is I that shall raise you up for this time and this season.  And the Lord says, as you grab hold of this vision so shall I bring provision for your individual vision, says the Lord.  Yes you are tired, My people, weary, weary, weary, pressed your way to get here.  But the Lord says, I give you new strength, I give you new stamina, in order to go forth, says the Lord.  New momentum, says the Lord.  A refreshing, a reinvigoration, says the Lord.


Yes, yes, revive, revive My souls, revive My daughters, revive My sons, for this hour and this season that is upon your life.  Do not look back but look forward for I shall do great and mighty things even before you leave this meeting, even before you leave this meeting, there are phone calls that shall be made that will seal the deal, says the Lord.  It will seal the deal, says the Lord.  Don’t worry about it, those who have contracts on the table.  I hear the Lord say, I am getting ready to put a finishing touch on it, it’s going to be finished before you get back home.  


So Father God we give You praise, we give You honor, we give You glory, Father God.  And God we thank You for Your words, God.  In the name of Jesus, God.  And we seal it with Your blood.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.