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Transcription of Dr. Sharon Billins’

Message and Prophecy
September 25, 2015     KCIA Annual Meeting

There is a release of finances that is coming forth.  We are in that season of Jubilee. Amen, glory to God.  We have been grafted in, amen, we are heirs to the throne, amen, and to what God wants to do in this hour, glory to God.


And I believe that the Lord has a word that’s gonna bless your socks off tonight. So we’re going to pray and continue this party, Friday Night Live, hallelujah, here at KCIA, here in Seattle, Washington. Glory to God! So let us bow our heads. Father God, in the name of Jesus, God, we thank You for this night, we thank You for all the speakers that have gone forth, Father God. We thank You for the increase of our souls, Father God. How You’re making our souls fat, Father God. O God, through the testimonies, through the sharings, Father God. O God, through the God ideas and the creativity, Father God. Through the anointing that is upon Your daughters and your sons, Father God. Open up the library of congress in heaven, the library of congress that is in heaven, God. Releasing a rhema word, Father God. O God that will fatten our souls even the more, God.


O God we go to the Overstock.com in heaven and we pull down the overflow. O God we thank You God for the new thing that You have declared in this moment, in this hour God. We thank You for the shifts that’s already taken place, God. We thank You God, that Your presence is in this room, God. O God, we thank You that we will be transformed, God, to reach nation upon nation, God. From ocean to ocean, from coast to coast, God. From city to city, from town to town. From state to state, God. We thank You God, that You have chosen us for this hour and for this season, God. We thank You for the storing of the anointing on the inside of us, God. We declare and decree that out of our bellies shall flow rivers of living water, Father God.  


Have Your way in this place tonight, God. O God we submit to You wholly, Father God. We submit our heart, our mind, our soul, our body to You, God. Do what You want in this house tonight, God. We seal it with Your blood. In Jesus’ name. Now give Jesus another hand clap of praise. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! He deserves the honor and the glory!


Blessed be the name of the Lord. Hallelujah.  

You may be seated, if you can with your sanctified selves, with your Holy Ghost filled selves. With your anointed selves. O blessed be the name of the Lord. I bring you greetings from Columbus, Georgia, USA. Amen. Home of the infantry…on the borderline of the state of Alabama… I’m not Georgia-born but I was born in South Carolina so I am a southern girl. Glory to God, Amen, with a global flair on my anointing, glory to God. Hallelujah. I thank God for where I am right now and what God’s about to do in this house, glory to God.


Certainly we’ve had some fantastic anointed speakers, glory to God, that have shared their testimonies, shared about business principles, shared about the gospel of the kingdom of God and I’m going to go, amen, and do what God tells me to do, amen. I’m totally led by the Holy Ghost, amen, hallelujah. I wouldn’t have it any other way, glory to God. Amen. My background amen, I used to be a chemical engineer, I used to be a business owner, glory to God. I’m still a business owner, amen.  Kingly and priestly anointing entwined together. I’m a mother of two adult children and now a new son-in-love, I don’t call him in-law he’s now my other son, glory to God.


And I thank God for the new season that He has put in my life.  Amen. I know that this is a season for the church, for the Body of Christ.  A season of acceleration, transition and transformation that God is bringing about some suddenlies in this earth. That God is doing some quick things and He’s accelerating the visions that’s upon His people. You will see, amen, not many days hence, glory to God, as you are moving in the vein of God and in the Holy Spirit, that God’s about to shift some things in your life. That God’s about to settle some things in your life, amen, some foundation governmental foundations have already been set in place, amen, for you to walk in the increase that God has for your lives. You’re about to see some stuff happen in your family, glory to God.  


I’m gonna be talking about the seven mountains, glory to God. And there’s some things that need to happen in families right here tonight.  Some of you were pressed to even come here, because of what’s going on in your personal family lives. But God’s about to restore some stuff, you better hear me now. I hear it by faith, glory to God, that God’s about to bring some marriages back together, that God’s about to heal some spouses, that God’s about to bring some family members in connection because some of you have been fighting against your own family concerning the vision that God has placed on your life. I need some more volume because I feel myself straining. Give me some more volume up in here. Oh glory to God, Amen. Glory to God.


God is about to do something that’s so fantabulous and so God-tastic. You thought you were the only one Clyde who can make up some words.  God-tastic, fantabulous, you better hear me now. Oh blessed be the name of the Lord. The Lord is about to shift. O bless His name. I feel it in my bones. I’m pregnant with expectation. I’m pregnant, amen, glory to God, with the things that God is about to move across the face of this earth. God has called KCIA as a micro-organism, an organism that is being birthed out.This is not only the membership.


You know what I saw as you were standing up there, Apostle Dr. Bruce, glory to God.  Ambassador, every time I look at that medal I told you I feel like bowing. Glory to God, every time, glory to God. As you were standing there, man of God, what I saw was a military infusion. There are some active duty military that’s about to join up with this organization. These are officers, the elite officers, of all armed forces. And God says, “I’m going to do this symbolically of the warriors that are already in place.” God says, “I’m going to do these things for you son.” And God says, Guess what?  I see some of us dressed in battle fatigues. I see some military aircraft going in, positioning in Afghanistan and Iraq. I see Syria, and Israel, I see it, but we will come in with a God-ordained sovereign plan and we will be walking in with the generals from the marines to the air force to the army to the coast guard. Get ready, get ready, says the Lord. For I shall bring them in quickly, says the Lord. For I am doing this new thing, says the Lord.


And the government, the government, the government, shall call upon this group. They shall call for the specialty warriors that are in this group. They will go in and do undercover missions. We will expose the enemy before the enemy has time to destroy any other mankind. My God, my God, my God.


Habakkuk says write the vision and make it plain. At the end it will speak. The vision is speaking. And it is speaking quickly. So you gotta get on board. You gotta make sacrifices to come together. There’s power in unity. The Bible says in the book of Acts chapter number 4 glory to God, that the disciples, amen, they had come against, amen, the elders of the city and the nations had come against the disciples and the holy ones. And they went back and reported to each other in Acts chapter 4 and says, “What can we do?  Looks like the nations are coming against us, the Babylonian system is coming against us.


The kings, the rulers are coming against us.” And they said, “I know what we are gonna do. We are going to prayer. And we are gonna pray for some power. We are gonna pray for some boldness, we’re gonna pray for some grace.” ‘Cause see the government can’t do it. Amen. Even the church can’t do it. The church is messing up. Anytime you are celebrating two homosexuals that lead a church congregation there’s something wrong with the church. Amen, glory to God. That’s why God has to raise a people who are beyond the church and have a kingdom mentality. God says you are the church. I have reserved a remnant of people that will not bow down to Baal. I’ve reserved a remnant of sons and daughters that will rise up and testify of the truth, that will stand for righteousness, that will declare My truth in the seven mountains of this world. I call forth a people that will stand powerful. I do not give you the spirit of fear, but I give you a sound mind, love, and power. Somebody shout hallelujah. Glory.


Prayer. Prayer. Going into the war room. Ten years ago I was standing before the Kendrick brothers, when they were in Columbus, Georgia. Good friends of mine. They had just finished producing Fly Wheel movie. And I said let me tell you two something. I said God is gonna raise you up around the world. I said in ten years time, you’re gonna have movies that are gonna save people all over the world. These movies will be financed. They won’t let you in their theaters at first. I said but they are gonna come to you and say, “Can we put your movie in our theater?” And now their movies are going worldwide. The word of God has come to pass for those two brothers. Glory to God!


God is penetrating. He’s penetrating the Seven Mountains in ways we can’t even think of. I’m working with the military, the foreign military in my city. Amen, through the back door. A friend of mine, amen, mans the international ministries of our city. And she and her husband have gotten a key to the city to Fort Benning all of the foreign international officers that they fly into Fort Benning. I come in through the back door and I’m in a house where they have interpreters, and I am ministering to these head officials, amen, who come in with their wives. They have an interpreter that when I prophesy, the interpreter’s telling them what God wants them to do. So God is raising up a people that will infiltrate in many new places, glory to God.  

You have been chosen. You’ve been chosen. You’re not just sitting here because it’s another conference. You’ve been chosen and appointed by God.  


One of the first words that I gave Dr. Bruce was that this was like the A-Team. Did you ever see Mission Impossible? You ever see the A-Team? Amen, with Mr. T with all of his gold. But yet he had a talent to bring to the table. Every last one of us we might look different from one another, glory to God. But we bring something to the table. There’s a feast being laid at the table. Preparation before the manifestation of the glory of God. Many of you shall be put in situations, glory to God, hallelujah, where God’s gonna put you in places around the world where you’re gonna infiltrate. The kingdoms of this world shall become the kingdoms of our Lord and Savior. O blessed be the name of the Lord. Amen. Power and influence, glory to God. Your gifts shall make room for you. God says I give you the power to make wealth, I give you gifts to take you before great men if you stay steady on the course and stay in your lane. I’m about to do a black thing. Touch a neighbor and say stay in your lane. Oh you better hear me now. Oh blessed be the name of the Lord. Hallelujah. Glory to God. Hallelujah.


You have to understand in this season what God is doing and it ain’t a black or white thing. It ain’t a female or male thing. It ain’t a fat or skinny thing. It ain’t a tall or short thing. But it’s a God-ordained thing that He’s knitting together His forces. He’s knitting together His people for such a time as this. See, quit tripping on the small stuff, glory to God. We all got some crazy stuff going on, amen, but if you just bypass my issues, I’m a work in progress, glory to God, but if you just know me by the spirit I believe that we can get something accomplished up in here, up in here. I believe that we got some Deborahs that wanna go into battle with Barak, glory to God. And I believe that there’s some Jael’s that are waiting for the Deborahs and the Barak to side up together. There’s some Jael’s that know they are ready to pound into the temple of Sisera.

There’s some Jael’s that just been waiting for you to unite. They’ve just been waiting, if you give us the word, we are ready to take out the devil. O bless His name.


We are an organism created by God.  At the onset of this organization, I told Dr. Bruce, I told Dr. Mark I don’t want to be in another club. I used to sit on 13 Board of Directors, 14 Boards in my city. I was the first preacher ever appointed to the Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce. I was the first female President of a 200 male clergy association. I know what it means to be in alliances. I know what it means to sit in meetings hour after hour and nothing ever gets done. I told Bruce I don’t want to be part of another organization that all you do is pass out cards and you never call one another. You’re never in relationship with one another. But I wanna be a part of something that’s gonna cause the kingdom of God to come to this earth. I want to be a part of something that’s gonna shift the atmosphere, that’s gonna transform lives. O bless His name. Somebody shout I wanna go higher! Somebody shout higher heights! Somebody shout sharpen my iron!


You can’t just be around anybody. It’s enough hanging out with chickens. All of us in here are eagles. We’ve been in preparation. Hallelujah. Some of us have been in that place where eagles go to get renewed and rejuvenated. But we’re ready to launch.  


I hear Him say that Dr. Cook, this organization is ready to launch. The money is coming forth in so many ways. There’s been collaborations, there’s been talks behind the scenes, but the money that I see is great increase that will fund, the jets are on the way. I hear the Lord say, because you have need of, going into the foreign lands, going in I see diplomatic immunity. And I see true ambassadors; yes, we are ambassadors from Dr. Clyde Rivers. But, I see an opening at the White House and at the Pentagon. I see diplomatic immunity; I see security clearances being issued for certain set members of this organization. And I see [us] going into palaces and going into high places and consulates and sitting at the table with diplomats and shaking up the nations one by one through the word of God. Touch your neighbor and say neighbor, I am a nation transformer.

I want to reiterate the vision of KCIA.  The vision is to disciple the nations. It says going to what? All of the earth. It says teaching them to obey all that who commands? Jesus.  


The mission is to enable kingdom leaders to accelerate and further their success in completing their heavenly assignments. Look at your neighbor and say I’m already successful. But when you come into contact with certain people in your life, something begins to happen. I’ve got 3 of the queens of the kingdom tribe here that I mentored by way of Dr. Bruce Cook and Dr. Joseph Peck.  I mentored a group of women, 12 women, for 2 years and we remain in contact. Stand up. You know who you are.  Let me tell you something. Listen. Paul Nesbitt just called us the Supremes and I’m gonna tell you why. He gave me a word yesterday in the corridors of this hotel and he said, Woman of God I see you going into many different mountains.  He says and you will conform to that mountain. You’re gonna prophesy by rapping, you’re gonna prophesy by singing.


Let’s come up and let’s practice a little bit. Can you all come up? I’m gonna be the Ambassador of the Supremes.

These ladies have held up my arms, there are 8 more of them and they have held up my arms in so many ways, amen. And they told me, they said, cause this is Joyce’s first time here and Caroline and I met in a KEYS conference. And then Jodi and I met through Dr. Bruce’s webinar and everything else. Jodi actually lives here in Seattle. And when we’re around each other something happens. Are you all hearing me?  Well, when I get around a whole lot of people something happens. Glory to God.


But, I’m just saying that the Lord is knitting His people together. Amen. That’s what it says in Ephesians 4, when the body is fitly impacted, joined together. Amen. We’re preparing a race of people not because— when I say a race of people I’m not talking about skin color or all that other stuff. But I’m talking about spiritual, kingdom-minded people that God is knitting together, amen, in order that we will prepare, amen, the masses for the second coming of Jesus Christ. We all know we are about to experience the fourth blood moon on Sunday night going into Monday, glory to God. Very significant for this hour in this season. A whole lot of people don’t understand, amen, but there is a tribe sitting in here. I know I’m among my own kind. My own family that are able to discern and understand the times and the seasons.  Amen, glory to God, of what God is doing, glory to God.  


And God is restoring, glory to God, amen, all of the mountains of this world. Even in the political mountain just as Samuel was one who went about anointing kings, glory to God, hallelujah, for their office, for the government rests upon God’s shoulders and God is restoring the prophets back to government positions. I’m talking about true prophets. I’m not talking about politically correct prophets. I’m talking about prophets who will tell the truth, amen. They’ll tell the Pope the truth; they’ll tell President Obama the truth. They’ll tell the truth and nothing but the whole truth. I’m not designed to be politically correct. But I’m designed to be God-correct, glory to God, hallelujah. Amen.


Just as Dr. Rivers said last night, amen, I’m into holy matrimonies, glory to God, not same-sex marriages, glory to God. That’s not the word of God, hallelujah. And God is raising up a people that will tell the truth and nothing but the truth. He’s raising up business men and business women, amen, who will be guided, their companies will be guided, by the principles of God and that’s why they will see the increase that they’re going to see as they follow the standards of godly living and they apply it to their companies. O blessed be the name of the Lord.


None of that was in my notes. So, it’s a movement. We are a movement created by God. A movement that was birthed out of prayer. A movement that was birthed out of intercession. A movement that was birthed out of travailing, glory to God. How is it that you can get this crosswalk of people from all over the world. From Australia to Canada, from Asia, glory to God. To the United States, glory to God, to Africa. People of different talents, different abilities, different skills, different creativity, different ingenuity, different gifts, but yet coming together for one common cause. And that is to advance the kingdom of God.


But we must possess a warrior’s mentality in order to overcome these things that are before us, glory to God. The kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force, amen. Do I have any violent folk up in here tonight? Is there anybody?  to God! That has a violent spirit in ‘em?  Glory to God.  


One of the things that I’ve always said is that the higher you go and the greater your assignment, glory to God, that the devil has some hood demons. You know what the hood is, ghetto.  Some ghetto demons. I said well if the devil got ghetto demons, I need to call on some ghetto warring angel…they will pull a knife and cut you. I need them kind of angels to fight on my behalf.  Are you all hearing what I am talking about?  So all you white folks sitting up here thinking, “Well, what is she talking about…?” Those are angels.  Real big and black and got muscles and got a cut where they had been cut right here. And got an earring in this ear, and they got your back. Well you can get one of them on your side. They got your back. God is doing some awesome things in this hour. Just touch your neighbor and say, “God’s got your back.” Hallelujah.


“There are going to be some assignments that are so secretive that, Dr. Bruce, I hear this by the Spirit, you’re gonna get a call on a Monday morning. And you’re gonna have to assimilate a team that can hold you up. You can’t even tell Caroline your wife where you’re going. There are military men like in the Rangers. They have to keep their bags packed all the time. And they can’t tell their wives what mission it is. They just say, “Baby pray for me” and smooch them out the door. This is where this is going.”


And God is saying, “No son, do not be afraid.”  For I see you getting off of a plane and I see men, I see rifles, and you’ll see all of these armed men. And I hear the Lord say, “Be not afraid. For there’s a battalion of warring angels that are surrounding you and the team.” And you will sit down in bunkers. I see bunkers in secret places. And I see the Lord showing the outline of the enemy territory. And showing the geographical locations. And I see it just coming up out of our mouths and telling the General and the Consulate where to go and get the enemy.” And God says, “This is what I am doing in this hour.”


“And I even see on the financial arena, I see going into the doors of the finances of this world. I’m not talking about just this nation. I see the International Monetary Fund.  I see the Central Bank of Europe. I see all of these divisions of banking across the country and the powers that be.  The U.S. Treasury and I see diplomats, financial diplomats, financiers…multi-billionaires and they come together and a lot of people in the world don’t even know about their secret meetings. But guess what? KCIA will have a presence in the financial control of the money of this world. And they will listen to what we have to say.


And you will see and understand that there are secret vaults and secret institutions that are housing money that even the IMF does not know about. I’m speaking this by the Holy Ghost ‘cause I see it and I see offshore accounts that the FBI and the CIA know nothing about. And I see all of this money stacked up. And guess what? We get a piece of that money to fund philanthropic projects. To fund the missions and the objectives of ministries. To help the poor. To alleviate hunger. And those who are naked. To help fund projects that help innocent people who’ve been jailed.  To get them up out of the jailhouses.  I see so many projects that are getting ready to come forth for this hour,” says the Lord.


“It is My doing, says the Lord. “It is I,” says the Lord, “that have orchestrated it in this hour,” says the Lord. “Watch Me move and watch Me move quickly,” says the Lord. “Shall I not do this? Shall I not perform this,” says the Lord. “It is My will to perform it,” says the Lord. “I shall bring all the pieces together. I shall bring all the people together,” says the Lord. “It is coming, it is coming, it is coming.”


“There’s a major business in Japan and China that will be a part of this organization. They are multi-billion dollar businesses. And they are coming aboard and they are quickly coming board. For they shall help to finance the engine of this organism. It’s now,” says the Lord.  It’s now,” says the Lord. Give the Lord a handclap of praise. Hallelujah.


People are drifting away from the church as we know it, because they don’t know who they are, just as Papa Gill said and so many of you have alluded to. But we will point people in the right direction. I see the business leg of KCIA.


Is Ed Turose still in the house? Or has he already left? Glory to God. But I see the business leg of this organization going in and training corporations how to tithe. Going in and training corporations how to set up intercessory teams in the businesses.


Come on up front. And anybody that has a business, your business is in incubation, glory to God. I just want you to stand at your seat. If you have a business or you’re thinking about opening up a business stand right there. I’m gonna prophesy to you, woman of God. I see a business training manual for corporations, small businesses, and mega-businesses. Corporations on many great levels. And I see this is a standard training manual. A standard training manual, a guide for businesses. How to win in today’s market. And I see the KCIA label and logo on it. And I see the business people of this organization being contracted out to various businesses not only in this nation but in many other nations. That they will go in and form that spiritual leg of every corporation. It’s gonna be a buzzword. If you can get the KCIA business team in, you’ll see your company turnaround. And I see board of directors being set free, being delivered. I see the business team of this organization laying hands on board of directors, laying hands on the top management of the company. I not only see that but I see an anointing of doors and windows of physical buildings of companies. And I see presidents falling on their knees, receiving the baptism of the Holy Ghost.  


I see transformation in the business arena. I see webinars for business people. How they are learning the word of God and how it’s being trained. And I see the business organization raising up more people who will be instructors, who will impart to these business people. And I see them signing up for the course under the KCIA website. And I see it being an ongoing continuity. I even see you going into the corporation and training the people on the smaller level. The production workers, the laborers who are getting the product out. I see retail management. I see the retail stores. I see companies like JC Penney, I see Macy’s, I see companies, I want to go on that trip. But glory to God, I see the hospital industry. I see all types of industry in the business arena and I see all of them clamoring, “If we can just get that team and we’re gonna have to start…” I see a projection book, a book of testimonies. Testimonies of companies that have experienced the business team of this organization going in, and right now hold your hands up if you got that business, glory to God.  


Father God, I decree and declare Father God, a prosperity over every business in here. I decree and declare a swift turnaround, Father God. O God, that they will be in the black by the end of this year. God I decree, Father God, clients and contracts to come forth like never before, Father God. I decree, amen, extended and special open doors, Father God. Business connections that they never even thought of to open up God. I cancel every assignment of the enemy on every business in here in the name of Jesus.


I declare increase on top of increase.  I declare multi mullions of dollars God. I declare multi million dollar contracts, God, shall come into their hands, Father God. I declare that they don’t even have to look hard, that folks will come to them, in the name of Jesus, God. I declare that they shall be 100% tithers God, just as Cathy Truett tithed off of Chick-Fil-A, God. He shut down his business on Sunday, God. I declare that You will give them a plan that will give back to You, Father God. Lord, I thank You God that in one year’s time that everyone standing here will have a testimony of the increase of the promotion, God, O God, of the turnaround of the businesses. I declare it and I seal it with the blood of Christ in Jesus’ name. Somebody shout hallelujah.


Dr. Clyde, come up here, [and] Those that represent government. Hallelujah. Government. The federal government, the state government, the local government, the city government, the municipalities, civic, duties, police department, fire department, every form of political arena. Senators, congressmen, president, lobbyist, House of Representatives, Supreme Court justice. I hear the Lord saying, Ambassador, Ambassadors, hallelujah. But especially you, Dr. Rivers. There are gonna be some that want you to run for office. But that’s not your assignment. For you shall be a nuclear warhead in the governmental arena. Your territory is about to enlarge.  There is some major money that is coming into your hands. I don’t know if this is someone that will give you an endowment or what this is. But it’s gonna be so much that your wife is coming off her job. And God says she will travel with you. Cause she has so longed to do that. And God says He’s putting everything in place. I also see another home in another state. I see this. It’s like you’re bi-state, going here and going there. But God says I’m setting it up for your good, son. I see an apostolic fellowship that is going to be birthed out of you. I see men and women coming together for the gathering. You will teach them the governmental policies and how you will train people how to go in and speak on the governmental level.  You're going to do it, amen, on a regular consistent basis where you will raise up others that will do the training as well. So get ready it’s coming to pass.  


There will be a school that you will found for young men. I see the school for young men who have been labeled in the wrong way. You have a passion for young men who don’t know their purpose. And I see it’s a charter school, it’s a private school, but the funding is already here, says the Lord. And it’s a school that’s second to none that’s gonna win all kinds of awards. And the Lord is saying, “Son, because you went through what you went through”, and you will be called upon. I see an honorary doctorates degree coming from different colleges and universities that are gonna call you to come in and speak. And you’re gonna set the assembly on fire. God says get ready, son. For I have called you to a greater purpose says the Lord.  And God says greater name recognition even in the United Nations. They know you but they don’t know you. They’re gonna know you in a more better way,” says the Lord. “For this is My hour of defining you.” For I hear the Lord say “your name is on the front page of heaven’s newspaper. And now the earthly realm has to follow suit,” says the Lord. “It is time,” says the Lord.  


So I speak to you governmental people of God: Apostles, prophets, five-fold ministers, business men, business women. I declare an anointing to fall on you now from heaven. An anointing that’s gonna cause doors to open up immediately even after this meeting. An anointing that’s gonna cause you to connect to the people, the backers, that are supposed to be in your lane right now. I declare an acceleration of these doors to be opened to you and I declare accuracy and specifics will flow out of your belly as you speak to these national and international Presidents and kings and queens and first ladies of nations.  I declare a shift right now upon each one of you.  


And I declare that you shall be equipped with diplomatic immunity and government top security clearance on a high level, that you’ll be able to go into secret doors and open doors. ‘Cause that’s what I see. That’s what I see. And I declare that as you sit at the consulate tables, as you sit in the British Parliament, that you will be able to speak the language of the court. I declare that supernaturally, you shall be able to see into the folders that are on the table without ever opening up a folder. That God will show you and that God will give you the strategy to speak to these national heads, these international heads, to tell them what they must do to turn their countries around. And I hear the Lord say as you obey Me, the increase shall come to you personally and corporately. Get ready. And I see Presidents.


I don’t know if anyone of you standing here has ever been knighted, but I see someone going. I don’t know which one of you is going to be, or maybe a group, but I see some of you being knighted in Europe.I see the sword being laid on your shoulder. The Archbishop of Canterbury. I see a connection. Someone from KCIA is gonna connect and change his life. Even as the organization grows I hear the Lord saying even the Pope in Italy. There’s an open door; there’s an open door. We’re not just anybody. There’s an open door that’s about to take place quickly. God says watch Me do it. Watch Me do it. I decree upon these powerful men and women of God who are standing here that they will represent KCIA in a new way in the governmental leg. That their very lives are protected by the legion of angels who protect them and their families. I see in the spirit there’s another phone that each one of you will have. Another phone. That each one of you will have. I see new digits being issued.  


And I see a special chip in this phone because your personal phone will be tapped. Your personal phone will be tapped. Cause once they learn that you have the ability to see confidential secret information they will come and tap. But the Lord says be not afraid. There’s another phone. I see it. I see it. Governments are gonna set you up with this. And I see also that the governments are gonna ask some of you to work for the government. And the Lord says, tell them no. They’re gonna keep increasing the offering and you’re gonna say no, just put the money in KCIA. Because once you’re bought out by the government, they control you.


And what you say. And what you can’t say. The Lord says no. I didn’t send you there for that. So I bind up the spirit of greed, now, in the name of Jesus. And I declare that these men and women are the remnant, Father, that You have preserved that will go in and shift cities and states and nations. That they will do Your bidding Father God. In the name of Jesus. I hear the Lord say don’t be surprised, over the next three months, at the doors that are about to open.


And I hear the Lord say Don’t be afraid. I also hear the Lord say there are some How to Speak in 5 Different Languages books. I hear the languages: French, Spanish, Dutch, German, and Chinese. I don’t know who this is applicable to, but start learning common sayings like hello, goodbye, thank you. Even though I also hear the Lord say there are skilled interpreters who are Holy Ghost-filled ‘cause you can’t use every interpreter. These are skilled interpreters, Holy Ghost-filled, that will get your message across as you sit with these heads of states and heads of nations, for this is My time, says the Lord, to speak what I want them to do.


And I see in Africa one of the nations where there’s an executive order on the table to take out some folks, and I see one of you saying “No.” So what I’m trying to say is I hear the Lord say many of you will be used in life and death situations. Speak life, and life it shall be. Be not afraid of your own life. For I am guarding you. Safe-keeping you. High places. And I even hear the Lord say some of you will think like I feel like I’m in espionage. I feel like I’m a spy.  I have to pinch myself. But God says this is your assignment and this is your mission. And the Lord says let them bless you.  ‘Cause I see yachts, and I see fancy ball gowns and tuxedos, I see palaces. You will have to go to these things. Gala affairs, so get your gowns ready, and your tuxedos.  


Get ready.  This is the work of the Lord.  This is the work of the Lord.  And He says, “I shall do it quickly.  I shall do it quickly.” I hear the Lord say concerning this organization, Dr. Bruce, that word will get out that there have been a group of men and women going into different sectors of society and that corporations have been changed. Hospitals have been changed. School systems have been changed. Crime rate has gone down. I see teams going into police stations and training police the ways of God. But what I see is CNN and FOX news and I see Good Morning America, I see ABC, I see CBS, I see NBC, I even see Oprah on network. It’s getting ready to happen. On a greater level. All municipal systems. And I see the TV camera saying, “How did this happen?” And you will say, “It was God.” And I see other leaders of apostolic-prophetic organizations, some jealous with envy, some say is that the same Bruce Cook that we didn’t pay no attention to?  That we really couldn’t really accept him?  But God says their rejection was My acceptance. Their rejection, they talked about you, they talked about you, they said you were crazy but now they’re gonna come to you. Cause the whole world is gonna wanna know how an organization like this can infiltrate so many mountains. From nation to nation. They’re gonna wonder how in the world you got people from all over the world to join this organization. That’s why you’ve suffered so with your wife. Your wife. She shall live and not die.  God is restoring her physical body.  She shall rise to be the prophet that God has called her to be. It shall be like when you first got married. God says I’m working on her right now. I’m performing surgery on her body right now. Even when this is over you shall see a dramatic change in her physical body even in her mindset.  God says I’m wiping out depression and oppression.  She’s felt so bad that she couldn’t help you. But God is moving. And even upon your sons you’ll see it, for they shall walk in the mantle that’s on your life.  Restoration for your family.


I want to speak to every marriage, every family, every mother, every father, every child. Stand to your feet if you’ve got children, you’ve got husband, wife, husband-to-be, wife-to-be. The government, the mountain of family. Even my own mountain with my 23-year old son. And my husband. I speak to every family. I speak and declare and decree that the blessings of the Lord fall upon every husband and wife team. Father God that you restore. Father God bring healing to the family unit. Husband and wife. Parents and children. Siblings. Father God bring restoration. Mothers and fathers, our parents, our grandparents. Bring restoration. I declare it. I declare the four winds of God to blow on every family. To blow on our children. And our children’s children. I declare and decree that the mantles that are upon us shall be on our seed. And our seed’s seed. That they shall walk in the fullness of God’s call on their life. Put a Holy Ghost hook in their jaw. OGod, I declare, I decree, O God, that You bring peace to every family that’s standing in this place.  


Father God even the ones we left behind as we came here. I declare the peace of God in every household. I declare that every last one of us were called to tomorrow and even some tonight and will hear a good report. And Father God, we thank You God that You have healed Dr. Kauffman’s son. We thank You God, O God that he will be the apostle that I saw and told Dr. Mark. God I thank You Lord that every family is blessed. O God that every child, every orphan child will find someone to love them and point them in the right direction. Father God that You will expose children who are being abused right now, that You will send help to them now. In the name of Jesus. I declare it upon them now, in the name of Jesus. Father God we give You praise, we give You honor, we give You glory.


Dr. Bradshaw, your plans for your church in Chicago, the plans have been in a holding pattern but I see a release. The blueprints of the lands that you want, the community development that you want, man of God, all of this is going to come into fruition within this next year. Man of God, the programs, you don’t have a church, you have an apostolic center. Transformation center. It’s not just a church. Your book is gonna open brand new doors, Ambassador Bradshaw. Bestsellers lists. Get ready. I see you on the news channel saying, “I see thrones. Do you?” in your funny way. But you’re so serious. You’re gonna transform lives. You’ve already done it but on a different level. He’s called you for such a time. And even your wife is going up. Man of God, if she’s working, she’s coming off of that job. Full time ministry. That’s it, it’s coming to pass. Real quick.  Cause there’s so much money that’s coming. And the deal that they’re gonna give her on her job, she cannot refuse it is what I hear the Lord say. Much favor. Much favor, man of God.  Cause she’s gonna be at meetings just like this with you. Hallelujah. You’re gonna open great doors for her.  She’s a powerful prophet who shall birth out many in the spirit. Many are already birthed out. But God’s gonna bless your marriage even more, man of God, for such a time as this.


John, I see many bank accounts. I see two more assistants coming in to help you. You’ve just been doing this and doing that and doing that, but we need your mind for other tasks, other projects, the engineer in you, the scientist in you, the prophet in you. There’s a trust and you’re the righthand person of Bruce, but I see two trusted assistants who have financial expertise and I see an investment account for this ministry and I see dividends and interest and bonus and shares, stocks, all of these things. And many of the businesses are gonna give us shares because of how we will turn around their companies. I see Coca Cola; they must not know I’m preaching. I see major companies and I see shares on many different levels being given to KCIA. And I see the investment accounts and I see money making money turning over just like that. And I see checks being issued to various members for projects. And I see airfare being taken care of for all of the members as they fly to and fro for this project. But yes, I see it. I see next year this won’t be large enough. For there are many more that are coming aboard. Many more that are coming aboard. So get ready. I see some athletes, professional athletes that are gonna be a part of KCIA.


Now I said this word; now I’m gonna need some tickets. I see professional athletes joining this organization. They’re already Christians but it’s gonna launch them to another level.  And I see us going into the sports arena. And many of them have chaplains and that’s nice, that’s sweet. But we have a team that will go into the sports arena on all levels. Sports management, athletes, college, professional, high school, and I just see baptisms taking place. I see them getting baptized in the Holy Ghost.  I see them being dunked in the water. I see them being prophesied to. And I see these athletes being taught how to live kingdom lives on every level. There’s another group, arts and entertainment, part of the sports too and athletic, but I see Hollywood. I see L.A., I see Hollywood, I see Atlanta, I see Miami, I see New York, I see London. I want to make one of those trips too.  


I see actresses and actors and producers and writers and I see a training symposium. I see one-on-one meetings with actors and actresses. And I see their lives being changed. I see comedians, lives being changed because of KCIA. And I see them saying, “I never knew this about me.” And I see us imparting to them, the team that will go to them on every level. I see the media, the media, I see a journalist joining this group. An international journalist and I see this journalist opening up many doors to the media. I see this journalist writing a historical book and I see this journalist accompanying different teams to the Seven Mountains and writing the accounts of what is happening in the political mountain. And the educational mountain.  I see books, series, I even see a movie being produced that will impact all sectors of society. I see it. I see it. And I see some of us at the premiere of this movie. And I see people impacted by saying we need them. There’s gonna be a waiting list to get into KCIA. I see a thousand, then it’s increasing to 10,000, 20,000. A waiting list, I see a full administrative staff, paid staff, that will man the operations.


I see a building with a KCIA logo on it. I see flags of many nations. Inside the building is a big church sanctuary, is a prayer room, is a television room station. I see TV cameras. I see people coming from all over the world, not only KCIA events but kingdom events. Not just one building but buildings spread throughout this nation and buildings spread throughout the world with the KCIA logo and representation. I see a 24-hour phone line ministry. I see a hotline to the President, Bruce, phone in your home. It’s another phone that can’t be tapped. It will connect you quickly. God says I’m doing this quickly. He says do not be afraid, but it’s My plan, it is My will says the Lord. He says love one another. Esteem each other, encourage one another. He says don’t come against one another. Respect one another. Love Me and I will lift you up. That all the world will see that I’ve called you.


Now I need everybody to circle the entire room and hold hands. I’m gonna make 12 declarations.

Father God, I thank You Lord, for speaking to us tonight. I thank You Lord for steering us in the right direction. I thank You for all my brothers and sisters from all over the world.


I thank You God, for their committedness and their dedication to the vision of the world. Father it’s not about any of us individually. It’s not even about the visionary Dr. Bruce, but it’s all about Your will and what You want to accomplish in this earth realm. Father I thank You Lord that You are sharpening the gifts, the talents, the skills, the abilities in each one of us God. O God that purpose is being established in each one of us, God, to advance Your kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. Father God we bow down before You tonight. We thank You Lord for being thrust forward and being launched on a new level. Father God honor these apostolic declarations.


Your word declares that we shall decree a thing and it shall be established in the earth. And Father God we join together in corporate unity and agreements no differences, no biases, no impure motives but the motive of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We stand together, united as one, for the Bible says when the disciples were united one heart one faith in Acts chapter 4, You poured out power and grace. And that there was no lack among any of them. And we’re united by the love of Jesus Christ.


I decree and declare that God is positioning His sons and daughters to positions of influence on every mountain of culture in this world.


I decree and declare that God is placing encouragers, financial partners, prayer partners, with each one of us, in our lives to do what God has called us to do.


I decree and declare that wisdom and discernment is being imparted in each one of us to grow in knowledge and understanding.


I decree and declare that much love is being imparted to us and to God for His children.


I decree and declare that as we increasingly learn from God’s words, we will increasingly learn how to do His work.


I decree and declare new strength, new stamina to persevere and to endure.


 I decree and declare that we shall be devoted to prayer and intercession.


I decree and declare a new alertness and awareness of what God is doing in the earth.


I decree and declare more wisdom to those who are outside of our culture.


I decree and declare many blessings to be released upon us as His people.


I decree and declare a new speech to be imparted to us, seasoned with salt, graciousness, always knowing how to answer every person.


Father God on this 25th day of the 9th month of the year 2015, I seal these decrees with Your blood and I declare it done in the name of Jesus Christ.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen. And Amen.


One more. One more thing. One more. There is one more thing. The Babylonian system is being taken down according to Jeremiah the 50th chapter. The Lord is shifting things, He’s accelerating things, and what He declares in Jeremiah 50 and 22 is that there is a sound of battle in the land. A sound of destruction. He also declares in Jeremiah 50 and 25 that the Lord has opened up His armory. Of weapons of indignation. There’s a righteous indignation in this room. For truth and justice.  Come to every nation. Now, we’re going to elicit a war cry. Join hands again. This is a war cry given unto me by God four and a half years ago. I’m gonna say it so you know how to do it. And when you do it I want you to use your diaphragm to the fullest. My music teacher always came by and said I don’t feel your diaphragm Sharon. Use your diaphragm. The war cry goes like this [demonstration].


After we elicit it. Now when you make this war cry, it dismantles the powers of darkness. One of us can put one thousand demons to flight. But two of us can put 10,000 demons to flight. This battle cry is made on behalf of KCIA, for the 7 mountains of this world. This battle cry includes our own personal families. So when you do go back home, the situations that seem confusing and chaotic, and seem crazy, some things will have happened for the betterment of your family. On the count of 3, we’re going to do it and after we finish it we’re going to cry hallelujah. We’re gonna shout hallelujah. 1, 2, 3. [everyone does the war cry together] Shout hallelujah! Halleluah!


Give the Lord a hand clap of praise! Give Jesus a hand clap of praise! Now I need you to hug 3 folks and tell them, “I love ya.”