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Prophetic Words Released at KCIA Board Meeting 
I hear “spiritual explosion.”  God is going to do great things! (Ruth Lum)
“I feel ‘traction,’ and I feel that this year is going to be a year where God will catapult us forward.” (Carlton Reed)
“This is a year of prosperity unlike anything we have ever embarked upon in our lives.” (Dr. Sharon Billins)
“What I saw as we were gathering is this amazing orchestra, these instruments, with  each one of these beautiful instruments having been tuned up.  We’ve already been through the tuning time of tuning up with one another.  And I delight and look forward to the new music that will come from this Board as we are in harmony and how God begins to play on each one of these instruments and strums the strings and brings the sounds that He wants to bring into the earth through KCIA.” (Danny Dean)
“KCIA is more than an organization; it is a living organism that God has put together.  I believe that the coming together of KCIA, and the members coming together on this Board, really is a historic event.  I see it from the perspective of 2 Chronicles 16 where God says that His eyes range to and fro in the earth to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose hearts are fully committed to Him.  And I believe what is happening in KCIA is the bringing together of hearts that have reached a new level of commitment that God has been searching for and never could find.  And I believe for Him to be able to show Himself strong, you have to have a level of commitment that hasn’t been there before.  And I believe that now, the commitment of the hearts that I see in you guys is at the level that I’ve never seen before.  It’s absolutely overwhelmingly beautiful when I see your hearts.  They sparkle, they shine.  They have beautiful colors.  And what I believe is happening right now, what God is rejoicing over, of us coming together in this organization and leadership, I believe it is the bringing together of the committed hearts that He has sought out.  It is a historic event, the coming together of committed hearts that has never been at this commitment of so many hearts at one time coming together.  There is great rejoicing in heaven over what we are experiencing right now.  And I believe God is going to take this instrument, this living organism, and is gonna show Himself strong in ways He has never been able to do before.  It will reach the end of the earth with His glory being manifested through this vehicle.  I am so blessed to be a part of it.” (Dr. Karl Bandlien)
I heard the words “transitioning to transformation.” (Dr. Bill Manduca)
I see in the spirit like a cloud forming over this gathering today.  I got the words “solemn assembly.”  It’s a joyful assembly, but it’s solemn in the respect of the authority and the destiny and the assignment that has been issued to us.  I just saw this cloud like a canopy forming over this gathering of protection from the Father as we are about His business. (Danny Dean)
I hear the battle cry that came to Joshua where he said to the children of Israel, “Muster yourselves, prepare yourselves for battle.” (John Anderson)
As I was contemplating where we’ve been to where we’re going, I heard the Lord say, “I’ve increased your numbers so you can go to a new level.”  And with this new level now it is incumbent upon everyone to really focus on the team and focus on how we work together and leverage.  The word I was hearing is “leveraging”—  leveraging our strengths, leveraging our talents, leveraging our synergies.  And so that yields transformation.  We don’t want revival, we want transformation.  God is bringing us into a new season.  “Forget the former things; behold He is doing a new thing and it looks completely different than the old thing.  And so we have to remain adaptable in our leadership styles, our leadership outlook.  Now not everyone has to carry the ball by themselves; now we’ve got this blend and synergy that we need to leverage.” (Dr. Bill Manduca)
He has given us 20/20 Vision - 2 Chronicles 20:20 - “Listen to me, O Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem, put your trust in the Lord your God and you will be established. Put your trust in His prophets and succeed.” (Danny Dean)
“I heard the phrase the changing of the guard.  The British custom in England, there’s a set time that the guards change and it’s a synchronized movement of all of them in syncopation with the movement.  They all are in rhythm and all in point.  It’s just a beautiful thing to see if you see it up close.  And even as I heard that phrase, I heard the Lord say with the changing of the guard shall be increase and expansion beyond your wildest dreams and wildest imagination.  For it is I that have spearheaded it and it is I that have birthed it out, it is I that shall take it to new heights and new depths unlike anything you have ever seen before.  Even as you have written plans on paper,” the Lord says, “The plans that He has are even beyond that.  He said these plans will supersede many organizations that have been in existence many, many years.”  The Lord says, “You have included all of My children.  And, as you walk together in unity, as you walk together in love, as you walk together in humility, so shall you see My hands of plenty come upon you in ways you have not thought possible.  But, this is My doing, this is My project, this is My assignment,” says the Lord.  And the Lord says, “He is constantly knitting us together for such a time as this.  There are many great ones that shall come aboard concerning the membership.  And there are many lifetime friendships that shall be birthed even out of KCIA unlike anything we have ever seen before.”  And the Lord says, “Get ready, get ready, get ready, for there is much travel that shall be embarked upon in this new season that has come upon KCIA.”  For the Lord says, “Surely the borders have been enlarged.  Surely territories have been enlarged for such a time as this,” says the Lord.  “Even with all of the hiccups, even what may have looked like a setback, it was actually the Lord tweaking and turning and setting into places that and tearing down and building up everything that needed to be, in order to go forth.  For if the foundation is sure, so shall the building upon it be even surer,” says the Lord.  “For surely I shall make a spectacle of all of you.  I shall put you on display,” says the Lord.  “And many shall call upon you and there shall be a waiting line as these many from the cultures, from the mountains, call upon this group.”  “Who is this KCIA?” they will say.  “Well, it is My children, it is My group, it is My organization, it is My lifeline,” says the Lord.  “For they shall do as I tell them to do,” says the Lord.  “For they will not be afraid…everywhere I send you I shall go before you as a breaker anointing,” says the Lord.  And the Lord says, “I have already pricked the heart of the investors, of the spenders, of the wealthy.  I’ve already pricked their hearts to give concerning the kingdom expansion, concerning the kingdom advancement,” says the Lord.  “So shall you see and many, many new circles,” says the Lord.  “For there are many, many new dignitaries that shall walk into our path.”  The Lord says, “You will not have to seek after them, for they will come to you.  For they will hear it, they will hear it, KCIA, KCIA.  What is this K group?  What is this K group?  It is that group that knows and sees things we don’t see.  It is a group that is able to tap into places we’ve never been able to get into.  It is a group that knows our plans, that even though our plans are secret, they see beyond our folders.  They see beyond our blueprints.  They see our forecast, they see our analyses, they see everything that we’ve talked about in the Boardroom.  Everything that we’ve talked about, what we talked about in our bedrooms.  Who is this?  Who is this?”  And the Lord says, “They are My children, they are My servants, they are My sons and My daughters that I have called forth in this hour.  And so shall they go with a new fire.  So shall they go with a new breath that I have blown upon them for such a time as this,” says the Lord.  “This is the year that I shall cause them to move in new authorities unlike anything they have ever seen before.  Surely the miracles shall come, surely the signs shall come, surely the wonders shall come.  Surely prosperity shall come,” says the Lord.  “Get ready, get ready, get ready, for it is My doing,” says the Lord.  Hallelujah! (Dr. Sharon Billins)    
I hear the Lord saying, “This team has been brought together for such a time as this.  For I am entrusting unto you the greatest logistical transition you’ve ever seen in history.  For there shall be a movement from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light.  For there shall be souls, there shall be finances, there shall be governance that will shift at this hour and at this time.  For I am bringing out of the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light the greatest logistical transition that has ever been seen in history.  Know this, that I will walk with you every step of the way.  I will give you wisdom, I will lead you, I will guide you.  And you shall lead through this enterprise, this enterprise of My kingdom that which I am entrusting unto you for such a time as this. This logistical movement is affecting national, international, and whole people groups that will be affected as they are brought out of the governance of the kingdom of darkness and into the governance of the kingdom of light.” (Danny Dean)
The Lord showed me a picture of a baseball stadium, and we are the team, the home team, and the Lord said the K is for striking out.  The Lord is saying, “I am having you strike out so that eventually you will win the World Series.”  There’s a play on baseball.  Baseball is just getting started.  And the Lord is saying that, “There’s outfielders, there’s position players, there’s catchers, there’s pitchers, there’s the bullpen.  Right now it’s like spring training and I’m bringing everybody together.  We are getting our arms loose, we are getting our eye-hand coordination going, we are getting our batting swings going.”  And the Lord says, “It’s eventually so that you can go a full six months season.  We will enter the playoffs” and He says, “Get ready for October, you will have October baseball.”  And He said, “You are striking out and you are going out and you will win the World Series, in Jesus’ name.” (Dr. Bill Manduca)
“I was seeing in the spirit realm, that God showed me acceleration but it wasn’t acceleration like we’re going forward, it was acceleration that things, finances, promises, prophetic words were coming to us.  So, if there’s an appointment that’s supposed to be next month, it’s gonna come up today.  Finances that you are expecting 2 months from now are gonna be coming, accelerating to us.  Coming in and they are pursuing us, the blessing of the Lord is pursuing us, and we’re not waiting for the future, the future is coming to us.  It’s like an acceleration that’s coming our way to go into destiny that is not future tense but it’s the future coming to us, greeting us, in the present tense of divine acceleration that pursues us, calls us, comes to us.  So, appointments that we expect, that are a long ways away, callings, prophetic words, opportunities, divine assignments, everything, is coming our way.  It’s like it’s targeting us and coming our way to receive and to express the goodness and favor of God. (Charlie Fisher)
I hear the Lord saying that “finally I am transferring KCIA from a tribe into a nation.” (Dr. Gary Sorensen)
“Ask of Me and I will give you the nations.  Nations will rise and come to your brightness.  Arise, shine, for your light has come and the glory of the Lord is rising, is rising.  Lift up your heads O ye gates, lift up your heads O ye everlasting doors, so the King of Glory may come in.  And that will be the city that is set on a hill, that people will run to.” (Dr. Bill Manduca)
“Know that just as you have responded to My call,” says the Lord, “I will meet with you in the night hours.  You will see Me in the morning.  You will see Me at noonday.  But know this,” says the Lord.  “That I have come to these ones that have responded to My call.  And I will meet with you.  I will give you revelation knowledge and I will give you wisdom and I will instruct you in My ways.  For there are instructions necessary and needed in this hour that I will impart unto you.  For as you come to Me with worship and with all your heart, I will open your eyes and your understanding in ways you have never seen or heard before.” (Danny Dean)
I feel led to release Isaiah 62:10.  “Pass through, pass through the gates.  Prepare the way for the people.  Build up, build up the highway.  Remove the stones, raise a banner for the nations.  The Lord has made proclamation to the ends of the earth.  Say to the daughter of Zion, See your Savior comes.  See His reward is with Him, and His recompense accompanies Him.  They will be called the holy people, the redeemed of the Lord and you will be called Sought After, the City No Longer Deserted.” (Dr. Bill Manduca)
“For the cry of Chicago has come unto My ears,” says the Lord.  “My daughters weep in intercession and cry out for justice over My city.  And the Lord says I’ve heard this cry and I say it is enough.  Death shall no longer be that which reigns over you, O Chicago.  I’ve heard your cries.” (Danny Dean)
The Lord is saying, “I am downloading blueprints.  That which you haven’t had a piece for before, that missing piece of your assignment, of your interlocking assignments, of the projects, of the visions that I have given you, I am downloading the completion of the blueprints, that they would be manifested on the earth, that they would be manifested into the natural.  I’m downloading the blueprints; I’ve released the provision, and the vision to be completed, that the assignments would march forward in this day, in this hour.” (Wende Jones)
Psalm 66, verses 8-12.  “Praise our God, O ye peoples.  Let the sound of His praise be heard.  He has preserved our lives and kept our feet from slipping.  For You, O God, tested us.  You refined us like silver.  You brought us into prison and laid burdens on our backs.  You let men ride over our heads.  We’ve been through fire and water while You brought us to a place of abundance.” (Dr. Bruce Cook)
“I keep hearing the word logistics and grand acceleration.  I hear the Father saying that, particularly relative to the 8thMountain, it’s gonna be very strategic, very tactical in its application and how it’s set forth.  I’m looking at a grand acceleration of fulfillment, promises fulfilled.  I believe Charlie was saying about how things will manifest quickly over time, things that we’re looking for.  I’m getting a very clear confirmation of that, is that we’re moving into places of tangible things for grand revelation.  So this is the Father saying as far as KCIA is concerned, how much there’s an acceleration behind speeding things up as we come into a place of grandness now, of actualizing who we are.  And actually coming to a place of moving forward as a unit.  I’m seeing that grand acceleration.  And I’m looking at 5 years.  I see well over 1,000 members.  I’m seeing the Father say there are 5 years yet in this season where He’s building up or seeing treasures coming in or fulfillment of resources to manifest our kingdom assignments to advance them.  I’m looking at a 5 year window, definitely grace is on the next 5 years.  I’m looking at the year 2022 where doors will open and grand acceleration.  We’re in the timing of that fulfillment now and the Father is looking for us the faithful stewards over that we waited patiently on the Father’s instructions and so now confidence is in the Father.  The Word of God says we have the same faith of Jesus Christ of the same Spirit of faith.  He believed, He spoke, we believe, we speak, so we are living, breathing epistles now, standing stones in the place where God has brought us to for such a time as this.  This is a place of sonship and that’s what KCIA is about.  It’s about sonship.  And God is rewarding in an accelerated time frame for us and resources.  I declare and decree that in Jesus’ name.” (Dr. James Brewton)
“God is pouring out unprecedented resources and in this season we will operate in it.  We will operate in a holy synergy like a well-oiled machine.  He is traveling on a highway of honor.  As we continue to honor one another, those parts we consider less kindly, we bestow more honor.  He’s traveling on the highway of honor.  And we will operate like a well-oiled machine fitly joined together like a championship team.  God is bringing us into this new season.  But, He is watching the way that we steward the honor, one with another.  And I just really hear the Lord saying that there are no limits to what He is doing in this season, and the only limits that we will have will be the limits that we place on ourselves.  He is pouring out His Spirit on this organization, with an increase of members— just unprecedented favor and increase of members.  And I’m traveling on the highway of honor.” (Carlton Reed)
“I’m hearing that God is going to give us a culture of honor and it’s going to be in practical ways.  Listening to each other, higher than the other.  I am a servant and I can only reach what God has called me to do.  If I honor what He has called you to do brother, I can only see ourselves coming into the fullness of our calling as a team if we learn the culture of honor that Jesus displayed.  I know this is powerful because when released, it releases the power of the Holy Spirit in every gifting and every talent.  As we consider each other higher than ourselves, that is only possible by the Holy Spirit.  But, He wants to give us right now a culture of honor that will release all the gifts within this whole corporate structure right now with all the members of this wonderful team.  There are tremendous gifts that have not been released yet.  By allowing God to give us a culture of honor, this will be the moment where all of those gifts and talents will be released fully for the glory of God.  It’s going to display His splendor and His beauty to nations.” (Dr. Karl Bandlien)
“There has been a glass ceiling in some societies.  The enemy has sought for there to be an iron ceiling over God’s people on the earth.  But neither shall be trouble to us.  It won’t be a glass ceiling, and it won’t be an iron ceiling.  There will be no ceiling at all because this is a season.  I hear the Lord say where people won’t be looking up into the sky to find heaven.  But, people are going to be looking inside of themselves because Jesus said that the kingdom of God is within you and the men and women of God, this Body, this company, are going to begin to become so self-aware of the presence of the heavens inside of this, inside, so every place you walk, every place the feet tread on, when the Lord says He will give it to you, He means exactly that.  But, you won’t have to look into the sky.  This doesn’t do away with us talking about open heavens, but we’re talking about an open heaven being closer than any place that you can measure with a measuring device.  You can’t get any closer than inside of you right where you are.  So, I hear the word of the Lord saying people of God in KCIA are going to be waking up day by day, so aware.  Waking up, day by day, so empowered, waking up day by day, so knowledgeable, so conscious of what’s been inside, what’s been inside of them they’re carrying.  What they’re able to do.  And as your feet begin to tread, you’re gonna find territories enlarging.  Even as the Scripture said lengthen your cords and strengthen your stakes, enlarge your fence.  The kingdom of God is going to become so much more evident in this season.  So much more visible because you’re gonna see it everywhere you go because you’re there.  You’re the catalyst, you’re the initiator, you’re the key, you’re the activator.  That is the word of the Lord to the family, that is the word of the Lord to the Body, that’s the word of the Lord to the sons and daughters of God here in the earth.  And I just declare in the name of Jesus as we were talking about C-E-I-L-I-N-G, ceiling, we’re now talking about S-E-A-L-I-N-G, sealing.  So now there is no limit ceiling, but we do declare a supernatural sealing and a locking in of the glory of God upon us.  We open our mouths as gates, we lift up our heads as gates, we lift ourselves up as everlasting doors, and we release the glory of the Lord into the earth like never before, that KCIA reaches its place of identity in the earth in the planet regardless of how many other organizations, and how many other groups, and how many other kings are out there; this one is built by God, tailor-made, made by hand, made by the hand of the Lord, the word of the Lord in the Spirit.  And I decree the presence of God upon the works of our hands as we go forth at this meeting.  This is a great time and season. I decree it to be so, and blessings upon all in Jesus’ mighty name.” (Dr. Gordon E. Bradshaw)