_______________Wealth Creation_______________

Kingdom Congressional International Alliance is committed to the empowerment of its members unto the creation and distribution of wealth for Kingdom advancement.  The Lord is presently raising up a Joseph Company who have been handled by God and therefore, are ready to handle great wealth. We are called to be channels of wealth and not reservoirs. As wealth channels, we will impact, transform and meet the needs of others within our world. 


KCIA’s economic think tanks, working groups, and special interest groups, are spiritual engines for divine synergy and the creation of diverse portfolios of products, inventions, businesses, investments and the acquisition of lands that will expand the Kingdom.


KCIA encourages, develops and stimulates Kingdom entrepreneurs and ministers to birth, expand and replicate Kingdom businesses and storehouses. 

KCIA endorses the economic empowerment of the next generations by training and mentoring them for real economic liberation, vision and community entrepreneurship.  


KCIA believes that we, as the members, are the generation to conquer mammon and lay it at the feet of Jesus for His use. The economic reformation we are now in is not for everyone but those who do it right (Proverbs 13:22; Matthew 6:33). We further believe that financial success is not the ultimate goal, but rather financial and spiritual influence and legacy are the lasting fruits we should produce and pass on.